Thistle, Trafalgar Square

Hi all

Myself and 3 friends are staying at the thistle.

I know that last year there were a good few forumites staying there but i didn't manage to bump into any of them.

Was going to go to the bar on the sunday night but flaked on the bed and when i woke up at 8.39 the bar was empty.

Just wondered if there was any kind of forum get together planned for the weekend :o)


  • I'll be there!
  • I'll be there too - dunno what state I'll be in on the Sunday night though !
  • Splodge
    I was in the bar on Sunday night last year
    with a very drunk wabbit

    Im up for the parteeeee
  • Mitten will be there too.... well on the Saturday night anyway. Planning to go home 'after' on Sunday.

    Well I do only live half and hour by train from London. Just being lazy by staying on the Saturday night.

    Ohhh, and must moan - am injured at the moment. Am not allowed to run until Thursday and MUST NOT do my 15 miles training run on Sunday.
  • Awwww Mitten that's bad :o( hope it heels soon.

    Hippo, I knew there was a fair forum turnout there but was a bit shy and fully intended to come say hello but was comatosed on the bed.

    There wasn't a single soul in the bar when i looked, you must have nipped to the ladies :o)
  • Myself and Norma are arriving on the friday, going to the expo and then chilling on saturday so we could arrange a hello either saturday or sunday :o)
  • Over £120 in osteo and physio it two days :-(

    Osteo has told me that's is a torn muscle which shouldn't really be affected by running so I'm going try an easy 4 tonight and if it feel ok keep going for 6.

    Am up for a meet up @ the thistle, but as said will have to be the Saturday.

  • Just thought i'd boing this to the top to see if we have any other forumite interest.

    Singing angel is now also staying at the thistle so the group of girlies i'm going with has increased to 5. We're all staying on until monday so one would expect we'll be proppin the bar up on sunday night ;o)
  • M and I are staying there both Saturday and Sunday night's too. Planning on spending Sunday afternoon in the bar there for sure...
  • only 10 days to go


    it's soooo exciting :o)
  • I will be there on Saturday with my other half and two teenage boys!
  • staying there also. There's a list of people on anohter thread which I've just bumped
  • ("STOP PRESS")
  • It would be helpful to know from people who stayed there last year if the breakfast arrangements were any good? It looks from the website that breakfast is from 7am which looks a bit later than ideal.
  • I stayed last year but didn't have breakfast in the restaurant. Mainly because it wasn't included in my room price and was something like £12.50

    I think 7 will be fine. Last year it was a buffet style breakfast with loads of cereals, porridge, croissant, that sort of thing.

    There's a shop across the road which sells pastries, croissant etc so i just bought some the day before and some ornage juice and had that in my room.
  • I'll be there too, I'll pop in the bar for a lucozade sport after I've found a Spud-U-Like for dinner.
  • I did b'fast last year, filled my boot and did'nt get charged, all the usual stuff you would expect, will be there again on race day morning.

  • Breakfast is included in my cost too.
    Glad to hear they have porridge as that s what I am used to

    Do they have somewhere to store bags as I am going home on Sunday and dont want to have to leave the family luggage in the train station again if it can be helped
  • im stoping there FRI, SAT & SUN

  • BD and I will be there Sat and Sun
  • Rio

    Yes you can store your bags, and last year we were aloud to use a shower room after the race if you stayed the Saturday night before traveling home.

  • Oh JB that is really cool. thanks. was going to have to wait til I got to my sisters but much nicer to sit on the train clean (wearing my meddle) and then the long drive home (still wearing my meddle)
  • I'll be popping in for a few beers afterwards - staying somewhere near Victoria, but will put on playing out pants and pop over and see what the crack's like.
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