Team Macmillan (FLM 2005)

Hi, any forumites running for Team Macmillan in this year's FLM?


  • I am ( in the slow lane) and there are two more with me in Plymouth( in the fast lane!)
  • and me - aiming for under 5 hours.
  • Hi Fbgf and Fishy,

    I'm in my 3rd FLM and still looking for that elusive sub-4hr.
  • Got a photo with local press/Team Rep for the Plymouth team on Tuesday- can I lose a stone by then........
  • Hi FbgF,

    Not sure if that will be possible ;-) but if you mention you're planning to lose a stone by the FLM then you could arrange a photo shoot after the event as well. Maybe the paper could do a monthly progress article.

    Hope the shoot goes well

  • Hi, I'm running for Macmillan too. FBGF, I'll see you in the slow lane! Is anyone planning on going to the Golden Bond seminar this weekend in London?
  • I'll be runnig for them as well, also my 3rd FLM. Hoping for sub 3:10 after 3:16 last year.
    The support team are fantastic, from the pasta meal, the supporters on the route & through to the recovery centre (with leg massage) at the end.
  • Hi Tempo, hope the training is going well.

    Baz, good luck with the sub 3:10; I'm still looking for the elusive sub 4, my last FLM (2003) so me crossing the line 23 secs over!! Never was any good at maths ;-)

  • Cheers ATO
    Know the feeling on just missing out. My run last was 95 seconds off getting a good for age time & guaranteed entry. Felt even worse when I didn't get in through the ballot & only just scraped in with one of the 2 club places that we got.

    Surely there must be more Macmillan runners out there somewhere.
  • Hi ATO - my training is not going too badly thanks, I don't think I'm quite in yours and Baz's league but I'm getting there slowly. I've been hearing bad things about 'runner's trots' though - do you know anything about it or how to avoid it?!

    You're right Baz, there must be more Macmillan people...
  • Hello all,

    I'm another Macmillanite - hoping to go sub 4 (was 15 mins over last year, so a little way to go)- still training is going quite well so far!

    good luck to you all..
  • Morning Spangles, welcome aboard :-)

    glad the trainings going well.
  • Hello all

    Yes, Macmillan for me. Did GNR 2004 for them and the support was brill. Really look forward to running for them again. Hoping for 3.30-4hrs. My first marathon after loads of halfs, 10m, 10k etc.

  • Hi
    I ran for them in 2002 and 2004(GB), and the support was great. I'm being very quiet sponsorwise this year as I've got a GFA place.
    You guys have not been forgotten, keep it all up.
  • Hi I'm running for macmillan this year did NY in November had a great time and wanted to be involved in the 25th anniversary run. Looking forward to the day hope to see some of you there hope everyones training is going well I did 18 miles last Sunday in the wind and sleet so really cant wait for the 20 miler this week. Good luck to everyone.If anyone running form up North around Southport preston interested in any long runs let me know Im fed up of going out alone
  • Hi, I'm running for Macmillan also! My first Marathon, in fact first race whatsoever...hopeing to do a race before April to get some practice in. Been held up with ITB a little, but ran my first 13 miler last night which went OK. Would like to go under 4 hours of course but thats probably too optimistic...will see how training goes over the next few weeks...
  • Hi, I'm running for Team Mac. First Marathon. Hoping for 4 1/2. I live in Southampton. Running Winchester 10k in two weeks, Silverstone half on 13th March. I choose Team Macmillan cos My mum got diognosed (Spelling????) with liver cancer in july last year. 7 Month battle but peacefully passed on the 5th of this month. Doing the whole thing for her.
  • KJ3 - I'm sure your mum would be really proud of you. How is your training going?

    I ran for Macmillan last year and thought the support was great - havent actually started fundraising yet but having completed the Stamford 30k on Sunday, I now feel confident I am on course - so I shall be starting very soon!

    It is sooo cold today...
  • KJ3 - Good for you mate. My Mum was diagnosed with lung cancer last July, like yours. She's battled and battled, gone through chemo and its already back. We don't know how long we have, but she's still with us at the moment. I know exactly how it is mate and I wish you all the very best with your training. It'll be emotional on the day. I did the GNR last year for Mum and was blubbering at the end when I rang her! Whatever the circumstances, I'll be the same again after FLM.

    The great thing is that Macmillan make it all seem worthwhile and special.
  • Training going well cheers guys. 12 miles tommorrow. Yet to hit any walls yet and been injury free. Doing 3/4 funs a week, football training plus me long run.
  • runs not funs!!
  • Thinking of you both- I'm running for Macmillan because a friend lost her Mum last year to breast and lung cancer- I was lucky enough to have a free place so whatever I raise will help but without too much pressure. i do remember crying a few times last year as runners went by with their stories on their backs of who they were running for ...
  • It does tend to be an emotional experience. I'm one of the lucky ones, my brother had cancer, but has recovered. Macmillan were great for him & his family during some tough times, so I like to give a bit back.
  • this'll be no 4 marathon for macmillan for me-ny 2002,then flm 2003/4.vainly hoping for sub 4,more likely about 4.15 i going reasonbly,but niggling shin requiring physio and possible podiatry.still managed a 14 1/2 and an 11 miler this week....

    I have never ,luckily needed their help,but i'm sure that i will at some attraction to macmillan was purely that they do such a fantastic job of supporting their runners...especially at mile 23 in new york...anyone i know who has needed macmillan swears by them and i never have any problem raising money-they are known as a very well run charity too-one of the best at ensuring that the cash goes where it is needed and not into bureaucracy-which is a problem with suport for some other worthy causes.

    and there is the 'hidden benefit' that one of the other major charities also uses green,so not only do you get vocal macmillan support ,but the guys from the nspcc(i think) often give you a 'free' cheer!!

    top tip-accept the offer of stick on letters-its great having your name on the vest,and surprisingly hard to find lettering in the shops...
  • AP - good tip those letters. I've requested them this time. In the GNR I just has the vest and it was a great feeling being cheered on, but having my name shouted will really spur me on when I need it.

    Thanks to all you running who have been lucky to not be directly affected. My Mum emailed me yesterday (she's in England, I'm in the Canaries) with stories of people 'less fortunate' than herself (her words). They are all having their life made more comforatble in the Macmillan Centre in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. The money really does make a difference and it gives me heart knowing there are people who have never met my Mum, but want to help anyway.

    Good on ya!
  • Hello! I'm running for Macmillan too. This will be my third time but the first for three years. Their support was fantastic and got me through a dodgy patch at 231 miles. Does anyone know if they still use the Foreign Office for their post-race massages - I'm definitely going to need one! Hope everyone's training is going well.
  • 231 miles Lame Duck, no wonder you needed their help. Did you miss a turn somwhere on the course ?
    They certainly used the F.O. last year. Agree about the massage, it is soooo nice when your legs are starting to tighten up.
  • Sorry that should have said 21 miles - although 2.1 miles would probably be more appropriate this year!
  • Congratulations to everyone who completed the race yesterday. Unfortunately I had to withdraw due to an achilles injury (this lame duck monicker is beginning to stick!) and was absolutely gutted to the point that I didn't want to see or hear anything to do with the marathon. But I had a last-minute change of heart and went and joined one of the Macmillan cheering points - and I'm glad I did. Seeing you all run so fantastically has given me the inspiration to train doubly hard for next year. Congratulations to you all - I hope you had as good a day as I did and raised lots of money for Macmillan along the way.
  • Hi everyone I ran for Macmillan against my better judgement following an injury sustained at the Lpool half I hadnt run more than 3 miles for over three weeks But I ran and did 4.11 which I was very pleased about ran all the way no walking. The support from the general public and the Macmillan supporters was tremendous and I had a superb day thanks to all involved and well done to everyone who ran for Macmillan and those behind the scenes.
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