Running with a cold??

I'm only two weeks into a run / walk programme and was due to run 7 walk 2 three times this week when I got struck down by a virus that my 6 yr old got a school.

It only lasted 36hrs (high temp. shivering, aching all over, headache etc ) but it has left me with a stinking cold.

Should I try to continue with my training? I don't want to go back to square one.


  • Hi Dippy,
    i just posted similar can't even run upstairs without getting out of puff!! No point in rushing back into it will do more harm than good. I was just getting into my marathon training and floored by mega cold & chest now, not been like this in years.
    Take it easy when you start back again. Best of luck.
  • You too Scoops. Best of luck with the marathon!!
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