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I'm involved with the PTA at our local primary school, and me and one of my running mates were wondering about organising a fun run and perhaps a 10k at our summer fair. Small numbers, as we'd probably only publicise it locally, but I was wondering what the logistics of such a thing are - specifically:

what's the crack with the police re roads etc?
insurance - what do we need, how much?
AAA - do we get them involved?

Any help very gratefully received!!




  • Don't know any answers but I am interested too .....
  • You need the Road Running Handbook from UKA. Tel 0121 456 5098 UK Athletics
  • Rule One

    Consult the local Police Force
    Inform local authorities and Emergency services
    Apply for Road race permit from UKA
    Adopt the rules of the UKA.

    There are then many other rules too numerous to mention and some may not apply.

    Don't forget you also have to pay for First Aid and insurance.

    An easier option maybe to tap into a local organised event and raise sponsorship through that.
  • Cheers Dips - it's not really sponsorship we're after per se - just an additional event at our summer fair, and if we can raise a few quid that's great, but it's as much about getting more of the village involved. If the logistics look too horrendous we might just go for a fell race - we have one here in the village already, and that obviously doesn't require running on the road!
  • Get the road race permit form from your local region, try looking on

    This should give you guidance on what you have to do (police, first aid, risk assessment, course measurement, permitted distances for age groups etc).

    If you apply as running club the permit should be free, otherwise it will be £20 or £30. The permit will give you some insurance cover, this is what the £1 unattached levy is meant to cover.

    The police can be quite variable, my local police all seem to be runners and all they want to know is whether any police assistance s required. If you are running off-road then you shouldn't have any problems.

    Good luck.
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