Wednesday Session - 4 December

Simple for me today:

What: Whatever I do at work
Why: Training today.

Last hard: T'other day with the upper body stuff. May well be today though.
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • Morning all. Managed to get up early today.
    Drizzly trip to Seacombe in the car & across the Mersey by ferry.

    what: 5 mile recovery run - in which the new Saucony Grid Trigons will make their debut....
    why: need an easy one after yesterday's hills. Legs don't feel too bad however.

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • Mornin, yesterday I was miss informed it wasn't 6 x 6mins with 2min recovery, it was 8 x 1min with 1 min recovery, I thought to myself that sounds a lot easier - miss informed again. Recovered quite quickly from it but when I got into the second half of the session, I wasn't recovering fully between reps - I think that was the idea.

    What: Gym; weights and bike
    Why: Speed session yesterday, day off running.
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Easy: Monday
    Last Rest: Sunday
  • What: rest or gym/bike session
    Why: knee - did light gym/bike session last, no "reaction" but don't feel 100% so this week will be "non-impact" until w/e X/C championship.

    last rest : Mon
    last hard : sat

    PS I will not be threatening the Championship table at the X/c, more the marshalls attention spans. Laura, you should try X/c. Given your comments about elderly male fell runners, you should note that X/c races attract many more younger track athletes building strength and endurance through the winter. I never see them, except when they lap me, but since the ladies races can be separate you'd have time to ... ;-)
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone.

    What: Nothing, going out tonight.
    Why: Because it's the time of year when there are lots of social things going on!
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Yesterday - enforced due to horrendous journey home from work caused by someone under a Tube. Took over two hours to get home, by which time there wasn't time to go for a run as well as do all the other stuff I had to get done last night. Was not happy!
  • Hello.

    What: Resting.
    Why: Clocked up 10 miles (that's a lot for me!) at a gentle pace last night. Felt great, but I'm paying for it a bit today.
    Hard: I think I can count last night.
    Rest: Monday.

    May the force be with you.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    What: recovery run for about an hour
    Why: fairly disasterous track session yesterday. Actually had good splits, and was quite fast, but felt like s*** and ended up walking part of the way home. Overtraining? Virus? tiredness? Not sure. So taking it easy today.
    Last rest: Saturday
    Last Hard: Yesterday

    the sun is coming out and it's getting light .... and it's very warm ....
  • Morning all

    Had the worst handicap race of my life last night, I was over a minute per mile down on my time over the 6 miles :o(

    What : Hoping to do a session on the turbo trainer tonight
    Why : I need to get some base fitness back

    I think the insomnia is playing havoc with my fitness levels – I’ve had 2 weeks off – and am currently only managing 4-5 sessions per week (compared to normal 9-11) not happy at all

  • Morning all, back here for the second day in a row, must keep this up.
    Last night's club run turned out to be 3 miles straight up & 3 miles straight down again at a not too bad pace as we were trying to encourage a few other club members to run at a slightly faster pace than normal. I always manage to get a stitch on the right hand side on long downhills - anyone got any ideas why?
    Todays plans:
    What: track session 8 x 400 at faster than 10K pace.
    Why: Arranged last night, usually Wed is track day.
    Last rest: Sunday
    Last hard: yesterday was hardish but really I suppose Saturday.
    Laura I'm doing Horton 10K on 22nd Dec in Epsom - it's a good course for a potential PB as long as you don't overdo the Christmas festivities beforehand!
  • hello all,

    what : club night tonight. not sure what but hopefully somewhere in the order of 7 miles or so
    why : 'cos there's the attraction of a pint at the end of it.
    last hard : sunday's 10k pb
    last rest : yesterday

    have fun.
  • What: nowt (well a sauna if I can fit one in).
    Why: Cutting back a bit prior to the Turkey Trot on Sunday
    Last hard run: Brutal 10 mile fartlek with club last night
    Last rest day: Today.

    sorry to hear you're feeling a bit flat. If it's any consolation I get occasional bouts of insomnia too and find it leaves me feeling very ropey e.g. elevated heart rate, fatigue etc.

    sorry to hear about your rough journey home last night, I'm sure you weren't happy but no doubt you were considerably less unhappy than the person under the tube.
  • afternoon, guys.

    I'm with those of you who are feeling a bit ropey today, don't know why, maybe it's this whole running thing :-(

    what: 8 miles tempo at target marathon pace (6:15m/m), with 1M warm-up/down
    why: cos I couldn't manage the 9 miles
    last hard day: Monday
    last rest: Sunday

    MM - will you be racing turkeys on Sunday? cos if so, there are a number of forumites who could give you some useful pointers with this sort of thing. LizzyB, I know, races ptarmigan and there are a few pheasant specialists as well.
  • Never posted on this thread before but think I've figured it out:

    What: Half an hour of fartlek on the road
    Why: Recovering from achilles problems so got to keep it short and flat. Trying to get the fat bloke out for some exercise so will have to keep coming back to check he is still running.

    Last hard: Sometime in August pre-achilles problems
    Next hard: January, if I can manage half an hour every other day till Christmas.
    Last rest: They all feel like a rest at the moment.

    Long live cross-frictional massage and ice
  • Welcome Runner Bean.

    I'll be racing some of my club mates and they're a bunch of turkeys!! Seriously though I'm a little concerned about how difficult the course might be as I asked around at the club last night and the consensus was that the Turkey Trot is tougher than Robin Hood and Worksop!!!
  • MM -
    ancient Chinese saying, he who can do 18 laps of Variable Pace Torture, is equal to anything. best of luck.
  • Hi all,

    Its murder sat here reading what you all are running when I am stuck in with a painfull achilles, I hate missing a run, but better to rest it, arghhhhh.....

    WW, hope everythings ok, sorry to hear about your training and times, hope your back on form soon.......

  • Gaz - watch who you're calling painful! ;-)
  • Sorry A,

    Didnt mean you, ha ha ha :-)
  • Went out with new running club last night, did 2 mile warm up, then pyramids up to 5 mins. and back down, finished with 2 mile jog back, knackered at the end but enjoyed it, around 30 runners last night of varying abilities and ages, twenties up to 75 year old, well impressed with her.
  • what: nothing again
    Why: ran last night, about 4 - 4.5 miles and it felt good but my dodgy calves are still playing up so they can have a day off today.

    and a new twist to the training shedule
    starting my decorating shedule today...
    What: painting a cupboard and starting clearing out a bedroom for painting
    Why: I have to do it before the new carpet arrives
    Last Hard Day: Sunday sledge hammering my kitchen to small car sized pieces.
    Last easy day: yesterday
  • Afternoon Runners!

    What: AM: 12km off road run, came back covered in thick mud from all the heavy rain we have had.
    PM: 45 mins of a very hard game of squash, all that effort for a 2-2 draw.

    Why: Wednesdays are now off road runs.

    Last Hard: Today
    Last Rest: Monday

    Have a good evening all.
  • Afternoon all,

    C**p day here as well, everyone sick, work deadlines mounting and 238 kids' xmas socials coming up all of which appear to involve me bringing a tray of pizza slices. Whoever said women are good at multi-tasking, I'm not, I just want to go for a run!

    Wild Will, I'm not surprised you're not performing to your usual times at the moment, be easy on yourself and you'll make a quick come-back I'm sure.
    Witch - festive 4K tempt you on 27/12?

    What: whatever I can fit into the 45 min slot left between end of day and beginning of evening.
    Why: 'cause I'll turn into even more grumpy witch if I don't get out at all today.
    Last hard: still Sunday.
    Rest: Monday.
  • Keep smiling people!

    Did a time trial last night even though felt muscle tiredness from Sunday. 2.8 miles in 18:23. Looking forward to seeing if I can get new pb on Sunday for 10k. Present pb=42:47.

    Today's training is a gentle swim. In fact the rest of the week is going to be easy.
  • Hi all, had a lazy Mon and Tues so back to it today.
    What: steady 6-8 miles
    Why: club run
    Last hard: Sat
  • Hello again
    What: 8 mile at 1/2 marathon pace
    Why: have you ever had a meeting at work when you thought if i wasn't running home i could easily be involved in a road rage incident!!! Ah thats better
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: Monday

    take care MHH
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Evenin' all.

    What: Race!
    Did my first Woking 3miler (well its 2.85 actually) at lunchtime. Handicap race so I went off 8min30 (based off 19mins for 3 miles).
    Gentle loop of Old Woking so I was told,rain held off,but it was that cool,damp climate ideal for running.
    Managed to 'reel in' some of those ahead and I think I only got overtaken by one gazelle.
    Finished in 18.07 (6m21 miling),11th out of 26 in the handicap,9th fastest overall.

    Felt that I could go faster (I run 2-3 miles in the gym near 6min miling) but given I didn't know the route and wanted to enjoy the thing, overall I'm pleased.

    Apparently these have been going on for years (first Weds of each month). VERY friendly bunch, and very enjoyable too.
    Oh , and its free!

  • Well done Dustin, and good luck Hilly. Oh, and Laura I know what you mean. Work, making tunics, cakes, work 'dos', more work, oh and work. Then there's the lingering lurgy, about three weeks!
    What: nothing. Was going to go out at lunch, but friend's birthday at work (she has three kids under five and work is a holiday for her), and as I've already reported on this forum, her words: 'Running, don't you dare. Not in this rain, and not on my birthday!'
    How could I refuse? Nice lunch though.
    why: erm, well I think I've covered that
    Tomorrow, my birthday (yes, I know I'm mentioning it again!!!) and I intend to start my veteran career with an early morning 10 miler, in rain, hail, snow, whatever....better get to bed...just the Tesco online shopping to do...
  • 5 miles recovery in 35:55.
    Nasty chilly NW crosswind along Hoylake promenade. Glad to get it over with.
    Broke the Trigons in though. Do I dare use them on Friday's long tempo run??
  • Tesco on-line! You're lucky. We have to scrape our turnips straight out of the frozen soil around here. Happy birthday for tomorrow Snicks, that makes you Sagittarius doesn't it? er, no that's been done already hasn't it.

    Well done on your handicap race Dustin, another 6 min miler to keep us on our toes. What a great idea to organise this at lunchtimes. You have lots of gazelles in Woking then? Obviously more to the South than I give credit for.

    Hilly, glad to hear you do take it easy sometimes!

    Finally got out for a 4 miler festooned with all manner of blinking lights like father Christmas on a test run; 2 problems with running in the dark - headtorch needs to be perched off the end of my nose to actually light up the bit of ground I'm about to run over, as opposed to 50 mtrs ahead, second, on-coming car headlights have blinding effect cancelling out head torch.

    Night all.
  • PS Mike and others, get your thermals out, the long term weather forecast is for freezing easterly winds for the weekend and beyond.
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