Keeping it going

I am currently training for 10k and continously have the same problem. I seem to train and run really well for a few weeks and then I seem to just loose the plot compelely. Then I feel like I'm starting from scratch all over again. I've tried loads of different approaches - at moment I'm using one of the schedules off this website. I feel like I am coping with it well and following it properly (which I admit has been a problem in the past) but last week I still felt like I couldn't put one foot in front of the other.

Any suggestions???


  • Put your feet up - kick back and think - this is a rst doing me positive good. Take two days then start again. Also post in the daily training forum post so you can see what every one else is doing.

    On your schedule is it building too fast for you? Do you have step back weeks where you do less than last week?

    Your body can't adapt to training load if it doesn't have time to.

    Most importantly keep posting and reading as it adds to your motivation.

    good luck
  • i sometimes have the same problem, but not due to motivation, it's because of other commitments and stresses in my life. i'm training for a half marathon, and reach the target mileage for a couple of weeks, then something major crops up and ruins it. instead of getting despondant, i focus on the positive, usually after a day or two enforced break you'll feel refreshed and remember no running is wasted. you could also try working around a fortnightly schedule.
    otherwise, pick 2-3 key sessions a week, as recommended in the RW HM guide in recent issues. This can apply to any race you're geared towards, with a 10k you could, say, ensure you do one interval/fartlek session, one long run of an hour plus and one run at or near race pace every week. then add on however much addition mileage/extra sessions as you like. it's quality, not quantity that counts, especially for the shorter distances. good luck.
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