knackered lower legs

ok all you runners out there here is a problem for you. Have been running for years when I am not crawling around with shin splints which I am at the moment. I also have a permanently swollen left ankle under shin bone fine running but tendonitis I think. Get cronic shin splints on right lower inside leg. This is the leg that is about 1-2 inches longer than the other due to dropped right side due to riding injury 21 year ago. Making sense so far..............Live in Germany and they are limited with shoes. Have been on running machines and have had feet analised (Spelt wrong it's late and I have 4 children so give me some slack!!!!!!!!!!!!) I over pronate worse on my right than my left. Have tried numerous brands of shoes. They basically sell asics and Brooks - no good. Anyway have just tried the asics KayanoXI and after 6 weeks of crippling calf pain on both legs and finally shin splints they are now sitting along with all the other expensive wastages in my cellar looking very sad and new. Got the omni 3 moderate here from the UK and after ringing several long suffering companies. Longing to try them out when I am off the floor with shin splints. Omni 4 I gather have a narrower fitting and Northern Runner in Newcastle suggested 3. Wish me luck when I do start running next millenium. Am wearing them tho. when I bike and do weights. WANT TO RUN. Am I knackered or what? leg longer than other; overpronate badly on right and not left; swollen left ankle oh and my calf muscles are very short. AND I DO STRETCH EVERYTHING I CAN STRETCH ALL THE TIME. I might chop my legs off and sew new ones on - that might help!?


  • poor ol' you, it's not for the want of trying is it eh'

    best of luck in the future, you deserve it!
  • Have you seen a specialist of any kind? I too had a dropped pelvis and one leg longer than the other. Found a chiropractor was the person who helped me get back on the running road.
    Lots of luck to you!
  • Thought you were describing me for one moment.

    I over pronate in both feet, have very low arches and have suffered from shin splints and tendinitis. I'm still in discomfort now and am now thoroughly sick of seeing physio's etc.... Anyway still run but if its any advice to you i can only recommend you take it easy and go back to square one or maybe two. Give your shins a break and go back to slow and steady running on SOFT surfaces. I've had to be disciplined and restrict myself to no more than 5k runs from now on, mainly on grass/sand. I figure its better than keep on getting injured. anyway not suffered from shin splint since so go something right. I also run in new balance which feel pretty good for me.

    Don't give up... wish i could chop of my legs too and start again.

    Definitely see a chiropractor (a good one) and check out your pelvis.
  • Thanks for all the support wish my legs would give me it! I live in Germany so chiropractors are very difficult to get hold of. Being with the forces everything takes forever and the language is a massive problem. I don't think they run like we do back in Blighty. When I next come back to the Uk I will definately see one. Can anyone recommend a good one up near Newcastle upon Tyne. My whole right side is lower than my left due to terrible riding accident and smashing my collar bone and then 6 weeks later smashed it again. Shoulder dropped which has put out the entire right side of my body. I would be a chiropracters dream. Once again thanks. me
  • Hi Henrietta, I agree with other messages. You should get yourself off to a chiropractor or podiatarist who should be able to rectify the leg-length discrepancy ... I have this problem and have to wear customised orthotics to balance everything. I would imagine running with a 1-2 inch difference in length is putting incredible strain on your joints.

    I can appreciate your frustration. All the best.
  • Should point out though that my leg length discrepancy is only about 5mm.
  • wee stumpy
    I am off to find leg altering man and will no doubt have to wear orthotics. It is great to find other people who have odd legs and things. I thought it was only me but am relieved to find that other people hobble around with strange legs and other bits on their bodies. How any of us can ever run at all is amazing. Thanks me
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Lots of people are asymmetrical, so its not remotely abnormal. I have been told that leg length discrepancy starts to get really significant when it's about 20mm or more, so 1-2in is certainly in that category. Orthotics can make a real difference but there's more to it - muscle development etc. On the plus side, if you get orthotics you should be able to use them in neutral shoes. Good luck & don't give up.
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