Caught between the headlights!

Has anyone experienced this? You’re out running at night. It’s pretty dark. You’re running a road route. The street lamps are too spaced out, over the other side of the road, whatever, it’s dark. After a while, though, your eyes become accustomed to the night and you can see pretty well. You are happy.

Then suddenly a car appears going in the opposite direction! A massive four-wheel drive. The glare is agonizing. Full beam. Right in the face. You put up your hand to fend off the horrible white light, but you can’t keep it out! You try and duck out of it to no avail, and your balance moves worryingly forwards.

You suddenly realise you’re running very fast but can’t see! You can’t see at all. You try and pull up. But you can’t stop in time. You are dazzled, blinded. You clip the curb or twist off it, maybe lurch into a depression or stumble…and then misery. You fall. Tearing up your knees and arms on the pavement. Only to be left sweating and bleeding. Lying on your back on the pavement in pain and total darkness.

You get the picture. What can you do to prevent this happening again?


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Run backwards?

    Run after the car, catch it and kick its lights out?
  • Howz about staying in your warren??
  • dont run after dark
    Run on the pavement
    Wear something reflective at night
    Run inside on a treadmill

    Have you noticed theres an awful lot of members who dont want to give anything away in their profile
  • Mercury - yep. I have noticed that some members don't say a lot about them. Comes from only having a good internet connection at work. I'd love to be able to omit my name if I could. Is this possible?

    Still back to the thread. With winter coming I'm only able to run at night outside, but I take your point regarding the treadmill. Thanks
  • Sorry wasnt sure if you were a particulary dedicated troll ;)

    I'm runnig round the school sports fields at the moment , no cars their ( at least not legal ones maybe the odd school hols joy rider
  • Yep. I'm really keen on my running. Dedicated and doing Windsor 1/2 marathon. Still have to keep my posts to a mimimum. Economic climate and all that.

    I'm currently suffering from very grazed knees, though :-(. Local sports fields are a good idea, still I do need some way to combat nightime glare, as I have to run out there. I thought about night vision gogs maybe...
  • Nope tkae my word for it NVG's are too heavy and give you rather bad tunnel vision
  • Wear a baseball cap - the peak protects your eyes from the evil glare of those headlights.
  • As well as various reflective bits, I use a flashing LED bike rear light. Compact, lightweight, clips on waistband. Seems to work - cars move out more and I'm still alive anyway.

  • I usually look down at the ground and lower my face when cars approach - how horrible having to think of winter and dark nights already! Seems as if summer has only just arrived.
  • Maybe there's something to be said for living and running in a nasty light-polluted city after all.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks very much for the very helpful suggestions. Much appreciated. Sorry to bring up dark nights so early....
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