looking for running partner(s) london

hi all,
looking for running partners to train with me. i am a sub 37 10K runner and looking to go under 35 mins!!
i run along the thames or in hyde park.
i am 31, a professional guy, like to run road races and have a boy friend. if this is Ok do mail me back and we can run...


  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately Paula Radcliffe doesn't post on these forums. Can't think of anyone else fast enough offhand!
  • pity, but surely we guys can catch up.
  • Can only suggest a running club, I'm no where near fast enough. Sorry.
  • that's very nice. yeah, that would be quite helpful.thanx again.
  • Susham,

    Suggest you hook up with the Serpentine Running Club - check out the website: serpentine.org.uk

    Best thing to do would be to go along to a Wednesday night club run (meet just before 7:00PM in Seymour Leisure Centre).

    You should find a group of people as fast, or faster than you. Typically, the faster people will run the 7.5 mile "Three Parks" run at about 6 min. mile pace. There will also be a number of groups going at slower paces.
  • thats great, thanks a lot, donutto, for the info. That's sounds great.
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