Heart rate monitors £12.99

As of this thursday Aldi are doing H/R monitors from at £12.99, wish they had done this 18 months ago, anybody fancy a second hand Polar H/R monitor for £50 ono.


  • I think they did do it about 18 months ago, but they only lasted a couple of days!

    If they're the same ones, they were good - loads of functions as well. Unfortunately I managed to lose the wrist bit :o(
  • How? Where?

    (Question to JB, not XFR.)
  • Bought one last year. No problems with it - once I had sussed out the instructions.
  • anyone know if they are ok with other HRMs in the same vicinity - no cross-talk from them - i want to get a few to use in a class but they wont be any use if they interfere or get interfernce from other HRM's ( Polars)
  • McG

    All Aldi stores, I believe
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