Club La Santa Ridge Run ?

Hee hee - wangled a weeks hols at Club La Santa in Lanzarote next week. A lot of athletes go there for training, so I'll be the unfit one splashing in the pool.

They do mentiion their famous Volcanic Ridge Run of 13km. Anyone done this, and can you do it anytime or just when they organise the Actual race, which I think is March.

Anyone here been there ?


  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi cougie,
    never been there but always fancied doing so. You'll have to give us a report when you get back as to if it's worth a trip. ENJOY!
  • I ran the Ridge Run last November. Very nice indeed, and hilly (as you'd expect). However, I couldn't give you a route! I think they might have maps at La Santa itself.
  • Thanks peeps, I'll endeavour to give you a full and frank account of my time there.
    Bring on the sunshine.
    (although it's cracking the flags out there at the moment. Just right for a speed session round my local track this evening when I could be in a Beer garden somewhere - Doh !)
  • Hi Guys
    I have done the Ridge Run during the International Challenge race week. It's a good, hilly, off-road run and watch your footing else you'll hit the dirt, going down the slopes. CLS do organise various runs throughout the week. I was out there last week of May. Ran the 10k and half marathon races. The 10k started at 17:10 and it was about 79 degrees. Been at CLS, you can really get some great training done, i was training 2/3 times aday. Must have paid off, i ran 37:24 for 10k and 1:24 for the hilly half-marathon. I'm going back there again in Sept.
  • 1.24 for a Hilly Half ? That's going some !

    Well I'll see if this pays off - I've got the Liverpool half four days after I get back - I think I'll probably have flogged myself too hard in the sun to do anything decent there though. Still - Vyrnwy 2 weeks later....
  • Hi

    I did the CLS Ridge Run about 4 years ago (have the T Shirt!). It was pretty tough going, dusty and hot but good fun (very different from the scenery I am used to running in) and a real achievement! Haven't been there for a while but would love to go again, there is so much to do!

    Have fun!
    i did it back in the 80's and still fondly remember the great experience..
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