Flora Half Marathon

I'm 49, a stone overweight (used to be 3 stone)and run between 12 and 15 miles a week. I ran 2.02 miles last night in 14 minutes and felt I was constantly pushing myself to do that pace but never felt distressed. Adopting the 1.50 Half Marathon training schedule that appears on this site (40 m a week), would I have a chance of maintaining 7 minute mile pace for the full distance? I ran a full marathon in 1984 (4 hours +) but I don't know how ageing/ overweight might affect my capacity for increasing strength and stamina.


  • I think 1.30 is within most people's capabilities if they are willing to do 40 miles a week.

    Obviously ability, age and sex comes into the equation but given long enough I reckon that just about all of us could do 1.30 (at least) on that mileage. Have you got a time for a half or 10k now so we know where you are starting from?
  • Thanks, I'm afraid I don't have a time. I started running to lose weight and am kind of getting drawn in! This will be my fist race since 1984.
  • Joe,

    Sounds like you are doing great, 2 stone off is a lot.

    Suggest thinking about a target time after getting a 10 k and/or 1/2M under the belt. 40m a week goes a long way to getting good results, time will tell what pace is achievable. 7 minute miling for 26 miles is fast, but hey - if you never try you certainly never reach it !!

    Good luck, and give it time
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