Do any charities deal in second hand running clothes? I have some that are still in good condition but have moved their way to the back of the closet because of newer items.


  • Any Oxfam shop I would think -also many do bag collections.
  • ermen-are you near a up and running store as they have recycling bins with money raised going towards variety club. See website

    If your shoes have still got sole they could do a second lap
    drop them in our handy bin to help some other chap.

    Running shoes, squash, cross-training, tennis,
    bring them all in, says our MD Dennis.

    Course we’ll have to stop the Boss from late-night bin-raiding -
    he’d love to spruce them up, and re-retail them!

    It’s green, it’s eco-friendly. and it helps kids too,
    there’s money for Variety Club in those old shoes.

  • That's great, I'll check out the web site now. I've just replaced a pair of shoes that weren't quite right and have only done 120 miles so I definitely want to see them re-used somewhere.
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