Lowestoft Turkey Trot

Can we have a roll-call of all you fellow east anglians (proud!) who are turning up for this festive frolic?

Me (plus mother cheering from sidelines!)
Longlegs & hubby
Norfolk Dumpling


  • Come on, surely there is more than just us????????????????????????
  • boing
    come on East Anglians, a bracing run on the coast is just what you need!
  • I shall be there great run this one i always feel better after overdoing the festive parties knowing i have just raced a 10 miler beforhand. several clubmates are coming as well hope it goes well watch out for that hill in the first mile.......
  • Can anyone say what the course is like, I was told it was reasonably flat, but the web site states 'hilly'?
  • I'm hoping it's not too hilly....mind you, it is only Lowestoft....surely it can't be that bad?

  • I am pretty sure that Blotts Mate is running this also.

    Hope you all have a good race, dont forget to post your results, NN
  • What a day for a run at the seaside, a very bracing wind that was coming off the sea.
    The start was on the prom, which you ran along for about 2/3rds of a mile then up hill to the first mile marker, this I think was a long mile. The course then took you into Corton and then turning around at Hopton coming back with the wind biting in some parts that were a bit open. It was a bit damp too, but all in all not a bad course and run. I was hoping for 84mins, but with the wind coming back it was not going to be, the last bit along the prom was full head wind and bl**dy cold, and very, very long. Finished in 86mins, Fozzie got a PB for 10miles at 82mins, lucky him.
    Norfolk Dumpling finished in 91mins, very good considering a slightly damaged knee.
    Well done to us all.
    I think this course could be a PB course if the conditions were better.
  • Well done LL and all, I have spoken to Blotts Mate and there is an agreement that the first mile marker must have been out.

    See you at Witham, NN
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