Silva Online nd Rebka map measuring devices

Having finally despaired of Accuroute, I was advised on another thread of the above two devices. The fellow who told me about them (runningdan) hadnt used either and I wondered if anyone had.

Should I read anything into the fact that the Silva device is called "online"? It doesnt need linking up with a PC or anything does it? It looks the better of the two. For what its worth, its mainly (though not exclusively) off-road routes I need to measure.


  • All very quiet on this one chimp. I think they're all thinking about it. Could I hijack the thread to say Happy Birthday tomorrow. You share it with Glenn's mum by the way.

    And some people don't think we concentrate across threads.
  • I think my deliberate mistake threw everyone. It is ,of course, ha-ha, Recta NOT Rebka. I'll never hold my head up at Pacers again!!
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes BTW! How do you know I'm NOT Glenn's mum?
  • I'd worked out that yours and Glenn's Mum's birthdays were the same (on one thread) and that you might be Sharon Chimp (on another) and could be female. But if you are 46 tomorrow then Glenn would struggle to be your son unless he's had some shocking winters in prep school.

    But then he reads the Guardian so timewarps are de rigeur...
  • Happy Birthday, Chimp!
  • Happy birthday chimp, there's no doubt that Accuroute is a pile of sh***, my 5 year old daughter can write better software than that.

    Don't give up on software until you've had a look at either Trailgauge ( or little red frog mapper (http://www.littleredfrog). I use Trailgauge and think its miles (no pun intended) better than accuroute. I've used the mechanical map measurers in the past in they give reasonable results but I find Trailgauge much easier.
  • Cheers Mim!

    I've been thinking about these map measurers and reckon I'll go for the Silva one. I'm a bit concerned about how the other one actually works in light of the name! The picture doesnt exactly inspire confidence either!
  • I've got one of the mechanical ones - disturbingly called a "Recta". Bit fiddly to use and results tracing the same 13 mile route repeatedly seem to vary by up to 5%, though am getting better.

    However it is quite nice being able to sit down at the table with a large 1:25000 map and experiment with different routes so i'll stick with it over online variations - until I can afford a wireless lan, ADSL and a decent laptop at home!
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