I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and havent run since i found out...which is about 5 weeks...just wondered whether it is worth getting out there as feeling almost guilty and slighlty mental not doing anything!!! Any advice from ladies who do run whilst pregnant


  • I'm not pregnant. Actually I've never been pregnant. But my wife continued running and practising yoga during both her pregnancies. Not full on racing fast running stuff, but gentle jog/plods. Though the yoga stayed pretty tough.

    Didn't seem to do any harm to her or either our daughter (now 9) or son (now 7).
    Except that neither of them ever stops moving and my son can almost beat my 10k pb of 38:47 !

    Do what you feel you can do, maybe have a chat with your Dr. or Midwife first ?
  • ivor is right, it depends what running you are used to, what you are planning to do and how your pregnancy is progressing. In some ways, the early months are the riskiest so do be careful.
  • a healthy fetus is incredibly robust.

    A friend of mine was about 2 months pregnant when she fell off her horse, not only did she fall off the horse, she held onto the reins which then overbalanced the horse and he fell down on top of her.

    She went on to give birth to a healthy baby, although throwing yourself under a horse doesn't list high on my list of things that are a good idea to do whilst pregnant....

    I would say a low risk hobby like running and yoga isn't a problem, but if you are in any way concerned then she should check with her doctor.

    I'm pretty sure it's been discussed on here before and it was generally agreed that it was fine unless there are complications with the pregnancy or you've had problems getting pregnant and obviously don't want to risk anything.
  • I've been trying for months to get my girlfriend off the sofa and to do a little running for me. We recently discovered she is 5 weeks pregnant. Are there any compelling cases for running / exercise during pregnancy, bearing in mind, she didn't really exercise before she was pregnant?
  • Very important to excersize during pregnancy, but if she is not used to it when not pregnant she would be advised to take classes specifically for pregnant women. There are loads of aquanatal classes around, and of course there is always walking.
    The dangers are mainly due to softened ligaments due to the pregnancy hormone elastin, which can lead to back problems and a painful pelvis if you overdo it.
    I wouldn't recommend rock climbing at 8and a half months though. I tried it, and found that my bump threw me off balance, and almost off the crag!
  • Was training for Amsterdam marathon last year whilst I found out I was pregnant 10 weeks before the race, having done all the research decided to continue. Did the race taking my time and walking when I felt the need and drinking lots, was very pleased to finish in just under 5 hours. However, at our 12 week scan we were told there was no fetal heartbeat and the baby had died at 8.5 weeks and I had to have a D and C. Whilst it is unlikely that the training caused the miscarriage it was the first thing that enetered my mind when we were given the news.

    Happily I am now pregnant again and plan to remain active but running will not feature in my exercise programme, I plan to keep everything low impact and gentle. Stay active, ladies, but my advice would be to go easy at least until you are past 12 weeks.

  • My wife has just given birth to a healthy and amazing baby girl.

     She didn't know she was pregnant and ran a race - badly - this then lead on to us finding out.

    She continued to run very gently, walk lots and lots and she took up yoga at an ante natal class each week.

     Keep healthy, happy and well within your limits.

    Good luck!!!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Congrats 210bpm.  I ran right up to the night before my little boy was born and also ran a race and found out that afternoon I was pregnant.
  • Congrats on such successful pregnancies for you both. Clearly, everybody is different and I hope my experience is very different this time around!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Best of luck Emma.  I was lucky to carry on.  Didn't run too much to start till mostly after the 12 weeks, having had ivf before so was careful but turned out well.
  • Think I will adopt the same approach. Will use the gym for next few weeks and do crosstraining and then see how it goes, all I feel like doing is sleeping at the moment anyway!!!
  • Emma - we've been there too.

    Good luck and keep the good vibes going!

  • Thanks Guys!

     Keep you posted!

  • My sister is a runner too and she was very nervous about running after she found out she was pregnant. She started off with power walks though and took it from there.
    She says that exercise helped her to have a much healthier pregnancy than with her first.
    I'm trying to follow in her footsteps and have been trying to get out there and run- it's hard sometimes though!

  • Pirate Lindi ran almost right through her pregnancy and walked a Parkrun several days before her son was born. Another friend also ran almost all the nine months and continued to do her swim training twice a week. Bear in mind though that both of these ladies are Ironman triathletes and therefore their bodies are very used to a high volume of exercise. If you are not, then it would make sense to take things easy.

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