Thursday Session - 5 December

WHAT? WHY? last hard? and last doss :)

what: MArching all over the darn place. Plus 6 and a half miles hard cycling.

Why: Work.

Last hard: Today, on the bike (6 miles doesn't sound a lot, but 100 metres doesn't either unless you're sprinting.. ;) )
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alright one and all,

    What : Club night so who knows
    Why : Because it is

    Last Hard : Tuesday
    Last Rest : Yesterday (off work sick, tried to stay in bed but the dogs kept bouncing about, so got up, got bored and decided to carry on decorating, (as a little aside isn't really annoying when you pick two tins of paint from the same shelf, use one and start to use the other only to find it was a different colour - hmmm maybe I should read the labels!))
  • what: not a lot - unless you count driving to Birkenhead this evening & battling with other shoppers to pick up some Xmas prezzies

    why: scheduled rest day

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun

    Laura - have been monitoring the forecasts and know what's coming. We over on the west side of the country may actually get off quite lightly, but the weathermen are making a lot of it because the south-east in particular is going to get the worst of the Siberian blast apparently.
  • Morning one and all.

    What: Club run probably 5.5 m as I have a XC race on Sunday, like to taper from a good distance out, followed by food night as it is the 1st Thursday of the month, some good cooks in our running club.

    Why: Thursady always club night, options of 3.5m to 8.7m.

    Last hard: Tuesday speed session

    Last rest: Sunday
  • What : easy 3 or 4
    Why : trying to get back into things
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    tut tut parky
    off sick and doing the decorating....

    Happy Birthday Snicks (only remember as its the same day as my mums,and you haven't dropped any hints or started any threads on the subject...)

    As for me I'll try and get out,but in a foolish attempt to win 'brownie points' I said to Mrs D that I'd start decorating the hall (must be catching Parky!).
    Later this evening she's out in town so I may well get the stationary bike in from the garage and do an hour in front of the telly.

    Why: easy workout to keep things ticking over

    What icy winds ? Sunny start here in Hants.
  • What: the great birthday run was abandoned as was awake from 330am to 5am drinking Lemsip and feeling insominac. Is this what happens when you get old? Intend to treat myself to a scive run later, got to try and fit in 6 miles at least
    Why: It's my birthday (Ta Dustin! Happy B/day to mum Dustin, too)
    Is everyone ill at the moment?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Just checked the local weather forecast: "A strong gale warning (more than 20 metres per second) is in effect in most places today. Southeast winds, up to 25 metres per second" it says.

    What: Nowt
    Why: Poorly. So day off is sensible. Sahme, cos I love running in bad weather.

    Last hard: Er, yesterday. Felt ill, went running ... had to walk home.
    Last rest: Saturday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    BTW Happy birthday Snicks! Being poorly seems to know no national boundaries at the moment ...
  • Happy Birthday Snicks, another year, another round of PBs to be collected...

    Virtual brownie points to all decorators. I'm considering joining Snake hips' running club which has food nights, now why don't more clubs do this session?

    Icy winds are definitely on the way, but today is gorgeous frosty sunny day here.

    What: 6 miles easy.
    Why: tried to do tempo run but couldn't get my hr up so decided it wasn't meant to be, and just enjoyed the sunshine.

    Don't go slipping on any icy patches today folks, and get better soon if you're ill. Mother says, don't go running!
  • Blimey theres a lot of sickness around at the mo.

    Happy Birthday Snicks!

    Dustin don't do it. Finishing the decorating is hanging over me like the sword of Damocles! Every night I get home and its on with the painting togs, and to make matters worse we're having the kitchen done at the mo as well. What fun!
  • Laura L you would be more than welcome.

    Happy birthday Snicks, did you know you share it with the Chimp!
  • Hi everyone

    This is my first post this week coz I seem to jinks myself if I post my training. Nearly everytime I say I'm going to do a sessions something happens and I don't get it done. This week all has gone to plan - so we'll see what happens today.

    What: Something easy in the gym @ lunhtime then club session tonight (probably hills)

    Why: Thursday

    Last Hard: Monday
    Last rest: Yesterday (but did cross train)
  • Happy Birthday Snicks, sorry you're still down with Lurgy. I've been busy trying to assign the Grauniad article to you written under your pseudonym of "Emily Watson" yesterday. Can't do links so you'll have to go search.

    Well done to decorators, foodies, runners of all abilities.

    What: probably zilch
    Why: knee showing know sign of recovering, I have my "hypochondriacs list" of possible options and my worst case scenario is torn meniscus :-(. suppose I'll have visit one form of therapist or another for proper diagnosis.

    last rest: yesterday
    last hard: sun

  • What: 5K leg stretcher.
    Why: Racing on Sunday, tapering off.
    Hard: Tuesday 10 miler (still feeling it!).
    Rest: Yesterday.

    And happy birthday Snicks!
  • What: Probably 4 - 5 miles 1.5 - 2 easy, 1 mile faster then 1.5 - 2 miles easy.
    Why: because
    Last hard run: tuesday (a lot faster than normal) but felt easy
    Last rest day: Yesterday, letting my calves feel better and today there's no pain at all.

    What: window fitters coming round,
    Sanding internal doors and taking garden rubbish to the tip.

    Happy birthday Snicks
  • Sniff Sniff, have been rejected again running FLM 2003, but hey im not bothered too much im doing Vegas in february instead, much rather do marathons abroad now, plus you get a holiday while your out there.


    What: 10km ( 2.5km loops x4 getting faster on each loop )

    Why: Felt it was a good way of speedwork

    Last Rest: Monday

    Last Hard: Wednesday

    cees u 2mozer
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Studying for exam tomorrow.

    Why: Bu88ered if I know, seemed like a good idea at the time.

    This is harder than running. I've had my head stuck in a book every available minute for the last 2 weeks, and I'm absolutely sha88ed! Tuesday's exam went better than expected, so hopefully that will carry over till tomorrow. But I have had a sore head since after the exam on Tuesday, and my eyes were so sleepy I couldn't get my contact lenses in this morning. Roll on the weekend.
  • What: 750m swim: 250 Fast 250 exercises (thanks to Wild Will) 250 Fast, and yes, it is working and I am really getting faster (just about 5min for 10 lengths, which, is a Considerable Improvement on similar lengths three months ago).

    Why, because Thursday is a swimming day, and I can still swim even if I cannot walk. Yippee!

    Happy birthday Snicks, and no, you don't spend more time ill when you're older, at least I don't. Time I was most ill was when I had small children in the house. Get well to everyone who is feeling under the weather. Take care of yourselves.
  • Hey good luck Nessie. Don't I just know what you mean about it being hard work. Not giving up is at least good practice for a similar spirit in the more trying stretches of marathons, I believe.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hope all those lurgy sufferers are feeling better. Saw a worrying news report last night about the prevalence of TB in London, and how easy (relatively) it is to catch - just need to be in very close proximity to someone who already has it, then all it takes is for them to cough/sneeze on you and you to inhale the virus. So all I have to do is avoid the Tube really!!! (Like I have an option ...)

    What: Haven't decided yet - probably 3-4 miles easy.
    Why: 'Cos I've got a day off to go Christmas shopping tomorrow so I'll need plenty of stamina!
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    It's cold!
  • Happy B.Day Snicks!

    What: 5 mile (middle 3 @1/2M pace)
    Why: Cutting back for Sundays race
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Wednesday
  • I've just started working early and late shifts which means I can do my FLM2003 training in the daylight. So:-

    what: 14 miles
    why: Doing my LSD during the week so I can enjoy my weekends :)
    last hard run: Sunday (10 mile race PB)
    last rest day: Monday

    The weather in Liverpool today is absolutely beautiful, so that made my 14 miles nearly pleasant.
  • Afternoon,
    What: 6 miles intervals
    Why: ? madness
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Monday

    Have a great night all.
  • Birthday greetings Snicks

    What : 9 miles at lunchtime, pondering on a 5 miler this evening with club
    Why : bright and sunny .... and got a bit lost without a map (had planned to go for 5 miles)
    Last hard : Sunday
    Last rest : Yesterday
  • what: drunk
    why: groin strain
    where's the link?: who needs one...
  • Stickless - glad too here the drills are doing some good :o)
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Snicks!

    What: 7 miles steady
    Why: to relax after a hard day. I also have a sore throat so didn't want to push the pace.
    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last easy: yesterday.
  • Hilly, respect - my idea of relaxing after a hard day is to open a bottle of red.
    Happy birthday Snicks.
    To report on today's schedule:
    What: relaxing with a bottle of red
    Why: Need a rest after hard track session yesterday.
    Last hard: yesterday 8 x 400m with 200m recoveries at 1.45 - 1.46 which for me is sub-5K pace
    Last rest: Sunday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Tiger-I did manage a glass of red this evening. I find if I drink anymore than 1/2 glasses, I'm pi**ed and I don't like that feeling, so happy with 1 glass.
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