Running shoe Life

Is there an average life span for running shoes before they need replacing? Do you keep track of how many miles they have done or just keep an eye on their wear and tear?
Since my comeback in November I have run in one pair of trainers (Got a second pair today) doing about 30 miles per week at the mo, and I don't want to finish up injured again soon due to over worn shoes.


  • I think the general rule of thumb is no more than 500-600 miles per pair of shoes.

    You probably won't notice your sheos getting a bit tired when you wear them, but if you were to go into a shoe shop and try on a brand new pair, you'd probably notice the difference.

    If they are visably tired and worn out, they are probably way past their retirement date.

    Hope someone who knowws more than I do comes long to help you out soon!!
  • Stellavision,
    I generally use the same yardstick as LJ; after 500 miles I start to look for a new pair.

    I think it depends on how you run, how heavy on your feet you are, how much you pronate etc.

    Usually after about 500 miles I start to pick up injuries and aches.

    When I buy new ones I always take along my old ones so that they can 'see' how I run and then help me find a new pair that suits me. Last time they told me to replace them before 500 miles as I had just about knackered the support in the heel.
  • yep, another one here - 500 miles.

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