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I have a suspiscion that someone at work is trying to stitch me up by e-mailing me and trying to get me to admit things I haven't done. I know in the past this individual has done this to others and blind copied the head of our department....

Is there any way of telling if a mail you have received has been Blind Copied (Bcc'd) to someone else?


  • in a word...

    nope - that's the point.

    the only way really would be to try and get a blueprint of the email from source at the postmaster and seeing as you'd need a court order to do that, unlikely to be useful.

    (I think)
  • If the e-mails are all internal to your company's system then they can be traced by the system administrator. Someone at my last company ended up in hot water by trying something similar with e-mails, forgetting that they can all be traced and read very easily.
  • Why not just ask your head of department and explain what you think is happening?
  • VS - yes, I'm considering it... can't decide whether the best policy is to confront the issue, or rise above it (as I've got nothing to hide).
  • Confront the issue - the same individual may be trying their cruel games on people less able to deal with it.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Never admit doing things you haven't done. Unless they're good things.
  • or BCC the head of department yourself. But then you run the risk of sounding like *you* are playing little games.
  • if the person is Bcc'd then they wouldn't get the reply (nothing stopping someone forwarding it on afterwards though).

    But beware what you send.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Personally, I'd reply to the mail (including the initial message), stating clearly that I hadn't done the "thing", and that I felt that the e-mail was malicious in it's intent, and copy it (not blind) to the dept head.

    Fight fire with fire.
  • Ask for a meeting between yourself, the emailer and the HoD.
  • Yeah, go to the head of department. If this person has done it before then by hopefully sorting it out you will stop someone else suffering this intimidation. Sounds like it's about time this bitter little person was relieved of his/her job!
  • Thanks all for your thoughts.... you have confirmed my own.

    I am meeting with Hod at 3 this p.m.
  • Good Luck Rocks I think you are doing the right thing!

    I will send good vibes at 3!!
  • I agree. Confronting it and getting it out in the open is the best bet. If you ignore it, they may do it again, and also to other people. Especially if they have done it in the past. Good luck with the meeting!
  • These things thrive on people not confronting them, also.
  • Go for it Rocks.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • well how did it go?
  • An interesting conversation.... I did not address the Bccing issue directly, rather the self-serving attitude of the individual concerned. Some very coded language coming back from HoD, which roughly translated to "I know his game, and he's not fooling anyone - I am well aware of who is putting in the effort and producing the goods around here."
  • bargin - payrise for rocks - P45 for the idiot.
  • Bet you feel a lot better now rocks. Sounds like 'no-life' has had his card marked.

    Now perhaps the powers that be will do something about him.
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