PSOF Injury Log

It seems, my fellow pirates, that there are a few of us with more than just a couple of niggles. I have a a reoccurring calf injury that probably goes back to an injury I hd 10 years ago and now that I've upped my training, it's coming out to haunt me. So I thought I'd start the ball rolling....

List your injuries and actions taken here!

Suffolk Punch - Calf and stinking cold.
Action - phoned Physio, awaiting reply and drinking lots of hot toddies.


  • Good idea SP! Too many pirates not taking injuries seriously enough.
  • Sprained ankle
    Something wrong with shoulder too.

    Third visit to physio tomorrow and ooh, the possability of a cortizone injection to my shoulder soon.
  • Ailment: Lethargy
    Action taken: None
  • Well finger crossed my little ankle niggle has gone away - treatment 3 weeks off running and then easing back into the running, starting with only a mile and adding one mile to each run. I'm back to 30 miles a week now. So the moral is rest it properly then don't go mad with the mileage when you start training again.
  • Not a pirate, but any chance to have a moan or join a list!

    Left knee - ITBS
    Right knee - (suspect) platella tendonitis
    Both calves - torn
    Lungs - remnants of icky infection
    Skin - being dissolved by pool

    Action - change in foot position on bike for ITBS, seems to have worked, PT will have to wait for deep tissue massage when my calves are less painful, infection is slowly departing, and plenty of moisturiser for the skin!
  • Ailments
    Left knee: cartilege abrasion, lateral compartment syndrome, tendonitis

    Back: spondilolisthesis (broken vertebra) at L5/S1; unidentified problem in mid-thorax

    The spondilolisthesis results in weakness and (comparitive) underdevelopment of my left buttock and leg.

    All that said, I still manage to keep going and am fitter than a lot of injury-free people half my age!

    So there ;-)

  • Had the stinking cold/cough last week but now past that after Toughguy.......

    ...only to pick up a stomach bug which has knocked me out since Monday........

    ......but back into the swing of things today with a run.........

    ...otherwise mechanically sound
  • sometimes my foot aches a bit
  • Oh Candy that sounds bad! I hear that can be early signs of chiropodinecroscopy. Better get it checked or your arm might drop off.
  • Problem - Not enough hours in the day to train
    Action - Buying second hand police box (suprisingly spacious interior)
  • Problem - going boarding on Sunday for a week
    Ailment - TBA!!
  • 2T- You mentioned ITB from cycling and foot position. Can you tell me more? I tend to point my toes down (probably bad though ive no idea) and have been developing a rather painful thigh at the side of my leg about 12 inches above the knee. Obviously this is not where people get ITB friction problems but it feels like it is the same muscle just further up.
  • Problem:-
    Pain in calf (sometimes both but mostly the left)
    Action: Booking physio for next week and not running for at least a week..
  • Oxy,

    I think you're right, it is the same muscle and could be something to do with your riding action...
  • Ive booked the physio anyway (I'm just hoping she has forgoten me as I accidently flashed her the last time I went) In fact I seem to be turning int a flasher, I managed to drop my towell a the pool this morning whilst fumbling with my locker key, thereby revealing myself to the entire swimming pool and a rather attractive lifegaurd.
  • Hooray for RB!
  • Not a pirate but injured anyway, won't say wot it is as you lot will take the pee....

    just wanted you to know ;-) but am seeing someone tonight about it so ner.....
  • Always seem to catch flu as things seem to be going well (got it again now)

    Disc off in my neck
  • TL has thrush again!
  • If she's worried about pee taking, I thought it would've been a kidney infection!
  • Hopefully will get back on the Turbo Trainers tonight.

    Buckers - where you going boarding? We were in Sauze d'Oulx last week where there was no snow and had to end up spending 1 1/2 each morning taking a series of chairlifts and a gondola over to Sestriere. Watch out for the ice - it hurts!
  • Careful lads - keep it clean!
  • What's a pirate?
  • OK, I'm obviously being thick but.... PSOF? You what????

    I can add a mending patellar tendon tear and a strong hint of impending ITBS, by the way.
  • Pirate Ship of Fools aka PSOF

    The bunch of RW nuts doing the Swiss Ironman

    [adjusts pirate hat and waves cutlass]
  • I've got a sore eyelid does thast count ?

  • You shouldn't blink so much Mt. If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times. No more than 10 blinks a minute! Now look what's happened!
  • SP, going to Claviere, there is 10cm on the lower and 40cm on the top.

    Heavy snow is forcast for 7th which is when we get there so fingers crossed!!
  • SP - no snow at Souzy??? what??? there was near enough a metre of fresh powder in Chamonix last week..............

    I should also add to my whinjuries.....

    scabby knees from Toughguy - are itching like buggery!

  • oh yeah...I've been scratching my legs for days (and getting told off about it too)
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