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  • Went to the physio last night, for the umpteenth time, calf seems better, will try running again on Sunday at Great Bentley.
  • Well after nacking my ankle in TG and having an enforced rest with it, I caught proper Flu, and that's taken me out of everything for the last 10 days. Hopefully I can run again in the next few days.

    Not ideal preparation - but ho-hum !
  • [pads after Cougie with extra cotton wool just in case]
  • anyone got a sure-fire cure for a sore throat? Trying to fight it off with gargling, vitamin supplements, echinacea, hot toddies, etc. but nothing works. I seem to get this at the beginning of every year. Rest a couple of days, it goes away. Start training again, one side of my throat gets red and swollen, not excessively but enough that I know it's there all the time..
  • Smoking would kill it, unfortunately it has the nasty side affect of killing you too.

    I tend to take a couple of dispirin before bed and get drunk when I have tried everything else to get rid of it. Not joking either, not sure if it works but makes me feel better:) and cold/flu is mysteriously absent the next day. My theory being even germs don't want to live in my body when I'm doing that too it.
  • Ive got a sore throat too and its really p*ssing me off now. I feel a bit rough but its not like having a cold, some sort of virus I guess. I will give it another 24 hours before trying the 20 red malboros and a bottle of jack daniels for an avalaf style cure :-)
  • strangely, Ava, you could be on to something. I find a good old Whisky Mac does the trick for a sore throat.

  • Not strange at all Jj, my surefire cure is a bottle of vodka and a couple of cartons of orange juice. Theory is that you drink the vodka and orange enough that the vodka kills the germs in your throat, you get hammered and forget that you are ill, you hopefully wake up in the morning (always a bonus I think!)with such a hangover that you don't notice that you are ill, and by the time you've sobered up the orange juice (or the vitimin C) has kicked and you are on the road to recovery.

    Mrs G thinks that I would have only been ill for two days anyway and it is just an excuse, but I prefer my theory!!
  • I prefer the aneasthetic properties of whiskey.
  • try gargling with TCP?? that used to be one of the recommendations for sore throats a few years ago - theory being the TCP killed the bugs in the throat causing it....

    don't know if peeps still do it though

    otherwise gargle with any spirit and swallow, don't spit!!
  • I see another thread...

    spit or swollow - does it cure a sore throat?
  • talking of which.....

    Camilla goes to see the Queen and says "whenever I give Charles a blowjob I get indigestion"

    Queen says "have you tried Andrews?"

    Camilla says "yes, but his gives me indigestion as well"

  • Another vote for the alcohol cure. Strange that it seems to work isn't it? I mean, look at me. Completely cold/virus free, and I have a Collier induced hangover. B*stard.
  • This alcohol theory has definitely got some substance - there's me perfectly coldless on Sunday whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol, not a drop since and now I am hacking away with a splitting headache and a perpectual slug trail trying to escape from my nose!

    Observation: Alcoholics never get colds, athletes always do.

    Lesson: Use Guinness as a recovery drink - you'll never get a cold and you'll be fit.

    Opportunity: major marketing campaign (a la Fatkins Diet) extolling the virtues of cutting food out of your diet completely stating that "food makes you fat", dismissing cirrhosis as an invention of the Temperance Society and claiming that a concoction comprised of a White Lightning / Tennents Super snakebite with a Blue Label vodka depth charge and an Absinthe chaser is the elixir of life, curing all ailments except blindness.
  • What day is it? I think I fly in two days time. Moving is the worse type of injury and moving abroad is even worse as I'm having to leave my bike behind...there's a voice in the fog telling me to get a cheap mountain bike; must be CO.

    Lesson never learnt: 1.don't mix your drinks. 2.When you know you're drunk enough, stop drinking; don't be fooled into thinking that changing to neat spirits will make things better. 3.don't start drinking hours before everyone else arrives...

    Hopefully be on line on Monday...sometime.

    CO - nice to meet you. Can't remember anything we said. Do I owe you for the Vodka?!
  • oh dear. There really should be a Candy induction course...

  • Tsk has he been up to his old tricks.
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