Super Speed sessions: confused

My schedule is usually as follows;

Sat - Long Run 1.5 hrs+
Tues - Tempo run with club 7m
Thurs - 6m speed trng (interval)
Sun+Mon - 3-4 m easy

A recent article in the magazine advocated Super Speed Sessions with two sessions a week but I always thought you were supposed to allow 2 days between key sessions like Long Run, Tempo and Speed so how can this be accommodated? Drop the tempo run?


  • Try using a longer training cycle, say 10 days. It is very difficult to fit all key sessions into a 7 day week assuming you are having 1 or 2 days per week rest.

    Alternatively use periodisation. So that you are not trying to fit every key session into a single week. Instead do long run + tempo per week, then tempo + speed each week for example.
  • Thanks for the reply. It's a neat idea - think I saw a previous article in RW on it but had forgotten. This type of schedule might help around work / time issues etc.
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