I don't know alot about acupuncture, but am thinking of trying it.

Anyone use this form of medicine.

What can I expect, did it work, how much does it cost.


  • I had some last summer for muscular pain in my neck and shoulders. Luckily my GP is a practitioner so it was free and it really worked.

    After 2 sessions the pain had dropped significantly and my muscles were starting to free up. He then worked all the way down my back using about 6 needles each time because he said as some muscles free it can cause others to tighten in response.

    It didn't hurt at all and there was no blood when he removed the needles. I thoroughly recommend it as I am now pain free although I do go for top ups every 3-4 months. Also have you thought of reflexology? That's also very good.
  • I've never had it myself but two people I know have and highly recommend it: one was to relieve pain in a knee problem, the other was someone who'd pulled their back playing footie. The knee was done on the NHS via a GP as part of a physiom rehabilitation; the back paid I think about £35 privately for a session. It's probably something I'd try if I felt it wasn't something that fizz could alleviate.
  • Ive used it several times in the past, it was excellent
  • Hi WW, my physio has been giving me acupuncture along with massage and ultrasound to help with a torn calf muscle and although it is really painful when he does it it has helped me recover quicker. (Don't be put off by me saying it hurts though, as it was only painful when he put needles right in my scar tissue...YIKES!)
  • Cheers everyone, I have eczema that won't go away, so am thinking of trying some alternatives to steroid cream. Now does anyone know of a acupuncturist in Kent.
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