Did some killer sit ups

I'm following a run/walk programme and am due to step up to run 10 walk 2 twice followed by 5 mins running today.

BUT, on Wednesday the day after my last run I stupidly decided to do TaeBo Abs and Glutes video which is hell on earth. I gamely stuck with it but now my tummy muscles are protesting. Not agony (after 2 days) but they are certainly making their presence felt!

So, should I do my run tonight or leave it and have to run on Sat and Sun to stay on track or am I just making excuses?


  • Hiya Dippy
    I'd still do the running training. I've done hard ab training a few times & still run with no ill effects.
  • Definately run, I've run quite often after a killer ab workout to no real detriment
  • Thanks Rossi, so, no excuses then...
  • Et tu DRT...
  • Just finished my run and you guys were right, I feel great. Ran with ease and even did an extra minute at the end so 26 mins running out of 30. Didn't notice my abs at all!

    Thanks for pushing me guys I'm on cloud 9.
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