Neolithic Half Marathon

I enjoyed this race so much last year, that I am going back once more.

May be I will get to spot a Bustard and no I am not referring to the guy who pipped me on the line last year :-)


  • there is nothing like being outsprinted to the line by a big bustard! I'm hoping to do this one too - see you there Wrinty!
  • Hello hello hello,watch out the lurkers about.

    Id love to but so soon after London i think id better not.

    but then
  • LLL, It is a great course and would make a very relaxing recovery run. Finishing with Stonehenge in view is quite a good running experience.
  • Come on LLL - I'm seriously thinking about this - run with me at half speed - it'll be like a recovery run for you :-)

    Wrinty - I hope you're injury-free by then
  • RD, Wishfull thinking, but this is another race that falls foul of my bloody injured foot :-(
  • Wrinty - snap! Sorry to hear you're still crocked. It would seem these things can't be rushed :-(

    My knee injury from Bath Half is still not 100%. I'm sort of half thinking of doing one of the walks with my son. Will decide later in the week.
  • It would seem that you have to pre-register - so no registration on the day. I'm sure I read that you could register on the day. Oh well! Next year then.
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