Still no news ?????????

How many people are sill waiting ???


  • Jim i'm still waiting! I think they should either post a list on the web or email people!

    I know of a couple of other people that have also not heard yet. I hear that everybody should know by the 9th/10th of December one way or another.
  • I'm still waiting. Its a real nightmare, I agree with Oliver there should be something online.
  • I phoned FLM today, they said the last enteries being sent out today.
  • So good news could arrive tomorrow, bad news may take an extra day because the fleece weighs heavier ;)
  • Have you all entered the competition in the Daily Mail today? 25 entries up for grabs. Call or email the number below:

    Telephone 0901 111 0113

    and leave name and telephone number where you can be contacted between 10 abd 5pm tomorrow. Calls cost 25p per min.

    or email details to

    [email protected]
  • Fed up with the whole thing. Had no post at all for days, let alone anything I actually want!

  • Still waiting....haven't felt like this in a LONG time. It's a bit like waiting for exam results but more important!
  • Still waiting also waiting for my exam results from O.U. but at least we know they do not appear till Xmas. Will wait for postman tomorrow.
  • Still waiting.... every day I think it's got to be today. It's got to be tomorrow!!!
  • I haven't heard anything either. Will think twice before donating the entry fee again. Does anyone know if FLM send out the acceptance letters first?
  • I'm still waiting too - its driving me nuts!!
  • Still waiting also! and the Vampire.
  • Heard nothing.

  • Hey Ken,

    I'm in on that OU results wait too, I think all the Award boards have met now so shouldn't be long. I think it is usually around the 20th that the letter gets out. It's worth checking your student home page though as last year mine were on there before I recieved the letter.

    Reminds me I have an assignment I really should be gettig on with .......

    I hear a rhumer that there is a course in Sport Technology in the pipeline which sounds interesting.

  • still waiting too,cheque not cashed not looking good,still I need a knew fleece
  • You'll only get a fleece if you bequeathed.
  • Jim

    Did FLM say whether they were still posting out acceptances??
  • Monday is the last day I believe.
  • Still waiting too!
  • Have just spoken to Help Line and they say Monday is the last day to hear - after that they have the database available to check if you're in or not - I still haven't heard either !
  • No news here either :-(
  • Rushed home, relieved not to see a fleece sitting on the door step but opened the door and no letter either.

    I guess the phone line will be busy on Monday

  • Just got home to find blue bag, I'm not in, good luck to all those still waiting.
  • Still nothing for us.
  • Wife & I still waiting: Time flies when you're having fun!
  • Got my fleece this morning. Shakespeare Marathon now entered.
  • Unfortunately I received a fleece today - still I was accepted last year and had an amazing time.

    I'm going to try for charity place...

    Good Luck
  • Waiting, more waiting!
  • Fleece just arrived...oh well, I may get a club place
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