What consolation events are you doing?

I returned home to find a large package waiting for me. My heart sank, as I realised what it was. True enough, it was the Bequeather's Fleece, to be worn as a symbol of failure.
So I thought about what I should do next. Paris? Berlin? Rotterdam? Join Oracle in a revolution to overthrow the present system? No I chose the UK Half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).
So, I have two questions:
1) Will this get me thrown out of URWFRC for getting too serious about this exercise lark?
2) What have others done to dull the pain of FLM rejection? (Or did you all get in, eh?)

Big Bopper.
B.O.P. till I drop.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    'm not ready to talk about it yet. <sniff>
  • I got in but I have every sympathy with your tears Nessie.

    Find another race and Run Nessie Run.....

    B.B The UK half is ok as long as you dont win.

  • I've got three options as I see it;

    1)Shakespeare marathon on 27/4

    2)Lochaber marathon on same date

    3)Find a quiet corner and sulk.....
  • As HIMUK isn't until August. I've decided to go for Paris (6th April). With the Channel Tunnel Rail-link plus a one-night stay, the trip won't be much more than a trip to London anyway (or, for that matter, the Lochaber). Congratulations to Nicko, though.
    I definitely feel better for having a marathon in mind, though. Aiming for something and then finding out you haven't got in is a bit of a kick in the pants.
    Any other ideas for replacement races?

    Big Bopper.
    At the back until I keel over.

    P.S. I promise not to win the HIMUK. The friendship of the URWFRC is far too precious to me to risk.
  • Wearing my luvverly warm fleece as I tap away, I'm off to do the www.connemarathon.com on March 30th instead . .

    . . . actually I was hoping to do both, being something of a glutton for punishment, so unlike poor Nessie I'm not too upset . . .

  • Just to rub salt into the wound my wife has now pinched the fleece!
  • Cheer up guys!!

    BB-respects doing the 1/2 Ironman. I think that's on my list of to do's sometime in the near future. I took improver swimming lessons this year, which did me good. Now joing a swimming club to improve further. Then one day after lots of 'fast twitch' events I'll attempt the half ironman. Good luck!

    Good luck all you 'poor' FLM rejects. I hope you all find a great alternative races and really have fantastic runs!
  • Ricardok, you're mad! I've just had a look at the route profile at www.connemarathon.com. It's a bit hilly! You won't be marathon running at mile 23, you'll be mountain climbing!

    Big Bopper.
  • And I'm not the only one, BB - we've got a thread all about Connemarathon in the events forum.

    However I have to admit that not a huge amount of it makes a lot of sense - altho' lately the 'R' word has been mentioned a little more often!

    They're not hills, they're just a little less flat . .
  • Why not get a Golden Bond place???

    That's what I've done. No bloody ballot is gonna defeat me!!!!
  • Hear Hear RB-CU in the trafalga-your first round M8

    Richwhateverthehellyouaregonnacallyourselftoday-well done in Lisbon-why aren't you joing us in London-wolfy's in(andcoming to mine for apres-marathon
  • I did the Golden Bond thing last year. I want to give it another year before I do the whole collecting thing again. However, as no-one I know is doing it this year, Ratbag, you can be my sponsored racer for this year. Is a tenner all right? (As long as you aren't running for some really dodgy charity. Which one is it?)

    Big Bopper.
  • Hi, I'm also a member of the lovely FLM fleece brigade this year.....

    I now have a FLM rejection collection of
    99, 01, 02 & 03 (if I had a 00 then i'd be in for sure in 04, but guess who didn't try and enter that year...DOH!)

    However am definately NOT on a downer as I will either do Paris or Leeds(did it last year), so no escaping the long runs in February for me :)
  • I immediately entered the London half Marathon, at Silverstone (80 miles away, whats that all about?), and the Hastings half, as I owe that one to myself anyway.
    I prefer Half Marathons anyway, but the London Marathon is the best, and I shall be entering again next year.
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