running clubs - Edinburgh


wondering about joining a club in Edinburgh. Anyone got any recommendations? I am about average speed - about 48min for 10K but would like to do a sub 45 min 10K. Thought joining a club might give me a boost but I am worried that I am too slow or that everyone takes it all too seriously. I like going to the gym as well as running - a bit of cross training does wonders for the knees and the upper body strength. I remember joining the Edinburgh Uni Hares and Hounds years ago and it was miserable, I got lapped so not up for anything too speedy.

All suggestions welcome. or should I just keep plodding alone?


  • Your best to look at the web page i saw about 5 or 6 clubs with Edinburgh addresses see what one you fancy and suits your needs & away you go.
  • where did that extra (w)come from ?
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