Can anyone help please? We are holding our annual Hook Fun Run & Road Race 15 May 2005. Each year we have more and more expense with insurance. Our difficulty is that the Athletics Assoc will insure our 10 mile road race, but not the fun run race of 2.5 miles. In the past we have used Event Insurance but their premiums are becoming increasingly difficult to bear. Can anyone please recommend another insurace company who specialises in this type of insurance.

Please let me know asap.

thanks in anticipation.


  • If you get a permit aren,t you covered for Insurance?
  • as Fozzy says, get a permit from your local AA for the fun run and you've then got cover. Don't see what their argument against that could be.
  • Back up what is said here already as you have a permit for the 10 mile it will cover all associated races. I take it you have a permit from your regional association?
  • Doesn't your affliation fee to the AA cover this too?
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