Just Testing

Just testing to see if i've managed to change my forum name.
(I'm a beginner on this Forum!!)


  • You & me both - I got mine to change
  • and did it work?
  • Worked for me! I was Jeanette Hartley, Jinny39 on the 'other one' and now in my new guise 'Gnasher'.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Me too, I hope
  • Great. Hopefully that's sorted out a system to accomodate everybody's old nicknames then.

  • Is this the Reading Gnasher
  • i switched over, still jillsako...hope this is working
  • Just wanted to join in and check that I've done things right - all this IT stuff is complicated for us 40+
  • Hey Fatbloke,

    Looks like it worked well from here. Are you going to put a photo up? All in good time I suppose.

    Welcome to the forums anyway. Please keep on reading and posting. It's surprisingly good fun.

    By the way, have you noticed that you can post a forum thread at the bottom of any of the articles on the site?

    Nobody seems to have done that yet.

  • I wonder if this has worked?
  • And has it?

  • I'll stick with Wicked Witch, I know what you mean about all this IT Fat Face, very stressful. I take it you come from the Liverpool/Cheshire area from your posts,may see you if you're doing Hoylake 10k?
  • Can't wait until we can integrate the forum with the event system. It's coming soon.

    Then you'll be able to have conversations about the Hoylake on the Hoylake page - with everyone else who is going.

  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Just Testing the water like so many others....Can't update my nickname on my work PC at the moment due to Limited Access. Can't rename as Scotty H just yet...was tempted to log on as Hacksaw Haggarty the Hen Choker (Cilly Bonely Joke)...Don't want to step on Haggis's toes - my old nickname. Do emoticons still work ??? B-) B-)
  • .....I still can't produce a photo at 100x120 pixels.
  • Test
  • Type your commenttest
  • Test
  • Type your commenttest
  • Test
  • Paul_SPaul_S ✭✭
    kleahy why are you resurrecting all these old threads with the word Test?
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