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We would appreciate any feedback yoyu have on this race.
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  • Hi what a day, hot is the understament of the year. I was pleased i finished though as i did consider dropping out about 7 miles, because of the heat.

    If anybody knows how the chap how collapsed at the end is please let me know.

    It was a very well orgainsed race. I would like to thank all the orginsers and marshellers especially the lady with the vasline at the third water stand.

    I will defintely be back next year.

  • hi Vinnie,
    Thanks for your favourable comments.
    the guy you referred to was apparently walking and grinning before he left.
    I shall now have to find the Vaseline Lady! I didn't know that was on offer! Good old St John's.
    Will we see you at the 10K on 13th Oct?
    Chris H
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