Tracks in the Algarve

Hi i've just booked a hol in the Algarve (Albufeira) and wanted to know if anyone knew if there were any athletics tracks nearby??
also does anyone know any good running locations nearby??



  • erm, I lived there for 2 years & I have no idea whatsoever.

    Sorry. Didn't have any time for running, once tried but no pavements where I lived & weather too hot.

    Where are you staying? Strip or actual Albufeira. Could probably give a hotel review...
  • the hotel is Aparthotel Paraiso de Albufeira says its 1km from the old town 800m from nightlife and 1km from beach. i hope theres somewhere(somewhere nice!) to run as the track season will be here soon!!
  • I was there last summer and just ran on the roads, but as Toria says, flippin hot so be careful...
  • Quite close to Albufeira in the Alfa Mara complex (ca 5km away) is a very good 400 metre tartan track which you can access by paying small token fee. In fact when we went ca 2 years ago never paid once as there was nobody to collect money Albufeira though is a complete pit hole (full of crappy english style bars and cafes) but there are some lovely areas around e.g. tavira!!

  • I think I know the one you mean, built above the sewage treatment works (I kid you not, but I think they closed them down). Is it a new-ish place?

    The dual carriageway which runs the length of Albufeira area is on your doorstep. Don't run on the pavements, especially in the wet as the surface is lethal. If you're going to run on the roads, head towards the old town area & go on the back roads. I think there should be a gym in that hotel, if not Vila Petra has a good one (other side of Strip, Montechoro area), or at least it did. There's also a 'proper' gym at the very top of the strip around the back of the Montechoro Hotel - was more a local's place than for holidaymakers.

    Erm, will think about actual running outside a bit more...
  • cheers for the advice guys!!
    the hotel does look pretty new (supposed to be a 4 star- suprisingly didnt mention a sewage works!!!)
    will try and find the Alfa Mara complex, that sounds jsut what i want.
    when i went to Tenerife a couple of years ago i was pleasantly suprised to see a track from my balcony!! had to run on the roads there as well tho and it does your legs in a bit after a while. would love some grass, woods (wooded trails) are my fave, dont think there'll be many tho.
  • Your best bet would be to hire a car (if you haven't already) from the airport & do some driving around. The airport transfer can take over 2 hours (depending on which route the driver takes), when it's a 20-30 minute drive from the airport. I was frequently embarassed by some of our mammoth 21 stop (again, I kid you not) transfers. This would be more convenient if you need to travel to find a track.

    Do you honestly think the hotel description would mention the sewage??? I do think it may have closed down by now though. Haven't got the contacts there that I used to so haven't heard.
  • was being sarcastic about them not mentioning the sewage!!!!

    was thinking about hiring a car already, will def look into it now.

    will prob try the track in the Alfa Mara complex mentioned by "stranded in Turkey" could run there as a warm up as its only 5k away.....

    better look at a map first tho i think.

  • if you do get a car it might be worth investigating the hills around Monchique (it's the range of hills that separates the Algarve from the rest of Portugal) . .

    I spent a day cycling round there once and it was beautiful . . I'm sure there would be some trails through the woods for you to run through . .

    and even if there aren't it's a lovely day out that gives a welcome contrast from the sand and sea (fab tho' they are as well) . .

    have a good trip (I'm not in the least bit jealous of course) . . :)
  • Definitley get a car as very cheap over there. We were a bit disapointed (to say least) when we saw Albufeira but had a lovely week in end exploring all the areas around but to do this you need a car.

  • Try this

    I'll be staying there on a running training camop in a few weeks. The track is not of the highest quality, but it is a track. There is a lot of goood running on tracks and trails around there too.
  • oh, I remember the Alfa Mar now, used to be a real dump but was extensively spruced up while I was there. Loads of football teams started staying there.

    Bit difficult to find unless the signposts/roads have improved. You turn off to go through Acoteias on the coastal road to Vilamoura.

    Could quite fancy a trip back there...
  • sorry, Alfamar.

    having a blonde...
  • The very place. Much improved now, but still obviously built in the east european brutalist style.
    The signposting hasn't improved a great deal. I recall following signs for the Pine Cliffs Sheraton, and eventually you do get signs for the Alfamar, once you are near Acoteias.
  • Oh, the Sheraton....oh, the memories...

    (Ended up there after an alcohol-soaked night on the Strip. With a load of men there for a conference - it was the off-season.)

    There's actually a great short-cut to Acoteias off the main (inland) road onto a lane, cuts about ten minutes off your journey time but is difficult to find.

    Are the roads still as bad to the Alfamar?

    Once had a big smash on the EN125. Wrote off brand-new Yaris. Oops.
  • The main road seems a lot better than it was, but as soon as you get off that, it is still like a third world country, lanes appear and disappear with out warning, blind corners etc. just what you want when you are driving on the other side to usual.
    I'll stick to the running out to Villamoura, much more fun.
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