Good For Age Time

Just wondering about good for age times as I got rejected this year for FLM so looking to post GFA for next year's entry.

Now I know that Men 18-59 have to post 2:45-3:15 but what does a 34 year old have to post - any 34 yr old males out there who got in via GFA what was your time.

My thinking is that is might have to be mid range of the 2:45-3:15.



  • Wombat, I belief is that any age male between 18-59 can get a GFA place if they run between 2:45-3:15. You could be 18 or 59 and post 3:15, it would make no difference.
  • Sorry should say my belief!
  • Wombat

    As Hilly says, any time under 3:15 and you're in

  • Does anyone know what time females aged 18-59 have to post to get a GFA place?
  • all you ladies out there have to do sub 3.45 for a GFA place
  • Wombat

    I got a GFA place next year with 3:15:14 gained at FLM 02 and I'm 36. I can only deduce, therefore, that up to 3:15:59 will get you in!!

    All the best
  • Nope Hilly is right on the button. if you have run sub3.15 in the last 2 years then you are GFA if you are male and entitled to an Elite start if you are female. The ladies GFA is sub 3.45. FLM did away with the GFA banding a couple of years ago and gave old s*ds like me a chance
  • I agree with Jim - Hilly is spot on. I think there were other times once you get over 59. It does seem a bit unfair in some ways, 3:15 is a lot harder for a 58 year old than a 21 year old, but that's the deal :-)
  • Stu i think you will find that sub2.45 will get you an elite start I will have to go and check yep been and checked this will give you an lite place. a little extra....ladies gfa bands change at 50up to 54 its 3.51 up to 59 its 4.13 and carries on up
  • Slaphead is right - I got in with a 3:14:45 from 2001. Nowhere does it actually say SUB 3:15, just 2:45 - 3:15, so it's worth applying if you have a 3:15:xx to your name. Also Hilly is right - GFA is a bit of a misnomer as it's the same standard for 18 right up to 59.
  • Oops, I meant 3:15:45!
  • Stuart,

    It is sub 2:45 (men) for a championship start - and this does mean sub 2:45, not 2:45:xx. I know, I got 2:45:13 in this year's FLM and tried to beg a championship place on the basis of it. The response was no. Didn't mattter in the end, because I went under 2:45 in Amsterdam in October to get my qualifying time.
  • I understood that sub 4 hours would qualify a 65 yrs and over, male, for a gfa entry. What I can't get an answer to is: will a sub 4 hours time at 64 yrs qualify the following year as an over 65 yrs. being within the last two years?
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