Please someone make me feel better. I have been so bad. I missed three days before I went running and now I will be missing four before my long run on Sunday due to work and other stuff. I feel so bad and angry with myself! Im sure I will now put on half a stone a nd wont be able to run on Sunday as I will be so unfit. Damn!!!!!!!


  • dont be a nutter!
    just pretend you are resting before a marathon and start again.
    all run and no rest made jane an injured person, oh and jack too
  • Thankyou macky but I still cant help but feel guilty. I do agree however, I am a nutter.
  • Please don't beat yourself up about missing four days. I recently took two weeks off for a number of reasons. And guess what? I actually think it did me some good and I lost a few pounds. Okay, so I'm only a beginner (longest run is 1hr 30mins) but I'm glad I had the time off. I'm now back with a vengeance and I'm sure you will be too. If Paula takes the odd break, then it's good enough for us, right?
  • Your right. Thankyou. I feel much better. You lot are great!!
  • Angela

    Classic obsessive/compulsive I'm afraid. Just like the rest of us !!

    Funny isn't it - when you start running you tell yourself you'll never turn into one of those running freaks that eat, sleeps, and talks running. Then suddenly - bang! you're hooked.

    As you know I recently had 19 weeks out with injury - and talk about cold turkey. Every day was sunny, the fells were green and inviting, and all my mates had gone out for a run.

    Now I'm better, its chucking it down with rain, you can't see the hills for the mist, and all my mates are in the pub...
  • Yeah right 'Angela' get real - you probably couldn't put weight on if you tried, and like it is going to slow you down any! You'll just go and do a PB after the rest, don't worry.
  • Well..I broke my ankle two weeks ago and have just been told 'do not think you will be doing any running for next couple of months'. So a couple of days is probably not that bad...but still know exactly what you mean!
  • Angela -- no offense but I wish I had your problems. I wish I COULD go out running and feel guilty. You do what you can do and that's it. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Life is faaaaar too short to worry about it.
  • Ah Angelia, another like minded person. Finding it really hard to get motivated after work to do the time. Unfortunately I can't even blame the weather as been pretty good for winter. Your not alone in this stakes.

    Personally I don't believe in different degrees of problems, they all important and need to be nursed. Hopefully you have caring and people around you to help you achieve your goals. If me and the misses competed against each other in injury/trouble woes, we wouldn't have time to hug,love and reassure each other when the things get us down.

    Good wishes to all.
  • Agree, no idea to compete. I guess it is sometimes good to put things in perspective, but problems, and how they effect you, are so individual and 'it could be worse' argument does not really work when you feel bad/guilty about something.
  • I guess that guilt could be healthy at times. It looks as though it's going to get you out for a run after your work strech, Angela.

    I agree with the obsessive compulsive comments from Simon, I never intended to become one of those run crazy freaks who spend their time when not running reading RW or leaving messages on running forums etc etc.

    Work can really get in the way of the serious business of running, we just need to find away of getting paid for running (at a very average speed in my case).
  • i now have a stiker of a cold -- again
    so have not ran all weekend,
    so also feel a bit guilty, but hey! what can i do?
    will carry on regardless tomaorrow with normal runs to and from work.
    the medical geniuses always say cold are a germ and not caught by cold weather running!
    i'm not convinced as the temp dropped considerably here recently and i feel like crap with ithis head cold
    baaaaaaaahhhhhh humbug, hope i'm better over x-mas so can spend loads of time running during my time off- wow what a thing to say! maybe i'm becoming obsessive to?????
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