Sheffield Lord Mayor's 10K

What's this race like? Is it worth doing?

(Bearing in mind that I will have to do it following a nightshift and no sleep!)


  • No probs for you RB sub 45 I'd say!!!

    MR and MS JARS are going to be there!!

  • Its a fun race but there is alot of weaving back and forth around the stadium and a bit of conjestion at the beginning of the race leaving it.

    But I enjoyed it last year. This year doing Norton 9 instead as same day.
  • running race with members of taekwondo club. raising money for charity and will be running in our doboks...give us cheer if you see us. we,ll need the encouragement.
  • oxo - will do!

    JARS, I am so too lazy to try sub 45.
  • Well, the entries are in!

    OXO, are doboks your taekwondo clothes ?
    ( sorry to be so thick !!)

    If so I will give you a cheer, and can I have one back...I'll need it ! say that but......!!!!!!!!!!
  • yes a dobok is our taekwondo clothes.. were all training hard and will be smiling on the day... will be the first race ever for a lot of our members. it should be good race to start with. i will be trying for a sub 45 runny bunny.47 is my pb so it will be hard for me too. we can put hard work in together. just look out for the taekwondo suit!!!
  • It is very twisty; you are never more than 1 kilometer from the stadium; you re-enter the stadium several times.

    It really is quite wacky. Very poor for pb potential (although it is flat, it is amazing how the turns slow you down).

    Last year someone described it on the forum as "the world's most boring 10k". I can't quite agree as it is quirky, but not for everyone.

    I'm running it again this year purely so I can compare my time and see if I have improved over the year.
  • I should also add that despite the "flat" claim, there is a short sharp hill up to the "olympic" flame - and you do this twice over.
  • Not only that, last year's run was .2 of a mile too long. The Garmin I used,which has been quite accurate on other 10ks, measured it as 6.4 miles. Another runner also mentioned a similar result with his.

    Doesn't help to achieve PBs !!
  • Should be an interesting race then! Always good to try something different, I think.

    Got my number today. Very quick, it got sent off monday this week!
  • Im doing this, so look out for me, I will be SCOOBY DOO wanting money off of YOU!!!
  • my 1st run last year for 20 years, back into running again.
    very good,around the coarse twice. this year around the coarse 3 times, not too happy about repeating coarse, but looking to beat last years time.
  • Yup, I'll be doing this one again.

    Impey, I think it was me who also clocked it a bit too long on the Garmin last year. Think I was discussing it with Haulieunlikely - is he still around ?
  • JerryF

    Don't know if he is, mind you I don't know him!

    Wonder if they will have measured it again to ensure accuracy. The course twists and turns were sending a lot of us round the bend too.
  • I was hoping for a PB tomorrow so it's a bit disappointing to hear of all the twist & turns.

    Oh well, we'll just have to see how it goes!
  • Hope you all had a good race.

    I'm sat here getting over a bout of 'flu (proper, knock you off your feet, put you in bed flu, not a cold which is often what people mean when thay say flu!)

    Pretty fed up - was fancying a PB myself - race number is still stuck on the fridge door ... Looked a nice morning for it anyway. Did I miss any goodies? Was the distance correct Impey ? ;-)

    Jerry <cough,splutter>
  • Got a (hand) towel with Sheffield Lord Mayor's 10k on it.
    I thought the course was ok given the bad press it has been given - 3 laps around the stadium and around the running track each time.
    It was a nice day for it, although it got a bit warm on the way round!.
    Still got a PB so pleased, although it was a quick course with no "hills".
  • The course is a bit twisty, and the memento of a towel was different. I beat my previous best by 3 mins, and it looked like the front runners had better times than last year too.

    I can't say that the course is that inspiring, but I'd definitely do it again.
  • Can I just say a BIG Thanks to all who cheered me(SCOOBY DOO), and donated some cash. I enjoyed the run and got very hot.

    Thnaks again. see you again Scoooooby do be do
  • I thought it was an alright course too given the slagging it got. Twists and turns not that bad and I liked the hill bits as they gave a chance to gain momentum. Could just have done with some markers and maybe a drink station, though I didnt feel the need myself. Will try and do it next year if im about
  • The course was completely different to last year (where there were two laps and lots of running around odds turns to take up the slack).

    I was well hacked off about the toilets. A huge queue for 4 cubicles on one side of the stadium, whilst a toilet with loads of cubicles and urinals was empty on the other side of the stadium - because it was unsignposted.

    Also, the bouncers on the doors of the computer fair weren't there last year and were totally unnecessary.

    Will there be bouncers stopping runners using the toilets for the half marathon I wonder?
  • hope not. would have been nice organisers had informed them where the other toilets for the runners were so they could direct us. didnt have ne problems myself tho coz i got there early so had time to explore. is the half starting/finishing at don valley? whats the half marathon course like?
  • how did people do v their time last year? I was 3 mins quicker and although fitter was surprised I went as fast as I did. Last year my garmin said it was 6.23m (I know others said longer) this year it said 5.87m. My garmin is eratic as when I run with others who are wearing them mine always gives a shorter distance. Is the course 'officially measured'? as I'm a bit worried it may have been under distance as my cousin was 2 mins quicker than last year he claims on less training.

  • My Garmin measured 10km, almost exactly. But that's the first time I've raced in it, so I can't vouch for its accuracy!

    Cakes, very roughly, the Half Marathon route is:

    Don Valley -> Fitzallan Square -> Bramall Lane -> Ecclesall Road -> Hunter's Bar -> Ecclesall Road -> Devonshire Green -> Fitzallan Square -> Don Valley.
  • Cheers RJK. It gets all the way out to devonshire green?!Mus be a fair amount of uphills to get to there from don valley. Just out of curiosity what's a garmin? I kep hearing people mentionnig them but dont know what the yare!
  • Garmin is a runners watch that measures distance (allegedly accurately).

    The course is "undulating" rather than hilly. You've got:

    The sharp but short section from Sheaf Square to Fitzallan Sq (past Ponds Forge pool).

    A nasty, sharp but relatively short pull up cemetary road to Summerfield street.

    Over a mile along Ecclesall Road to Hunters Bar. Long but not steep, and then you get to come all the way back along it again!

    A couple of sharp pulls as you negotiate your way from Moore Street to Devonshire Green.

    Then : freewheel all the way back to Fitzallan Square.

    I think for 13 miles across Sheffield, its quite tame!
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