colds and training

Feeling under the weather the start of man flu...runny nose etc. The big question is..Should I rest or do I "sweat it out?" I am supposed to be running Stamford 30 on Sunday.Different people suggest different things,I was once told that training whilst ill actually makes you worse..thoughts please


  • What a coincidence. I was going to post almost exactly the same message! Developed a streaming cold and sore throat last night. Stamford on Sunday will be my first 'proper' race and I've really been looking forward to it. I was only going to do some jogging for the last couple of days up to Sunday anyway but I didn't go out today.

    Anyone got good advice on whether I should still run Sunday?
  • If it's 'chesty', don't run. If it's just runny nose and grogginess, not so bad, and it's your decision.

    However - big caveat! Personally I don't like to run when I'm 'going into' a cold, but only when I'm 'coming out' of one.

    Having a cold is very frustrating for a runner but please, if in doubt, just take a day or two or five off. You'll hate it, but you risk a lot more otherwise.
  • Ditto

    I've heard of the above/below neck rule but personally I wouldn't run until you are over the worst. Your body is under enough stress trying to deal with infection.

    I one did a pb after being sidelined for 2 weeks with a cold so all may not be lost.
  • The golden rule is don't run if you're ill. Plain and simple as that.

    Running when you're over it and just have the remains of the snottiness is fine.

    The above/below neck rule is an urban myth.

  • Thanks for the replies. Felt really dreadful yesterday but today is much better. Hopefully it was just a 24-hour thing. Think I'll just go on a 20 minute jog on Saturday to see how I feel. Then, fingers crossed, Sunday should be OK.

    But it's all useful info from you for the future. Thanks again.
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