Going the distance

Right , I've decided that tomorrow since the wife is going xmas shopping, I'm going to see how far I can run before I drop. My furthest run so far is 7 miles but since I'll have a bit of time on my hands I'd like to experiment and find my real limits ( not just the mental ones ) I've planned a route that I know I could easily walk. Has anyone got any hints / tips etc for a first "Longer than usual" run ?


  • Take a isotonic drink, toilet paper!, plaster and enough money for a phone call.

    Seriously Mercury, just take it easy and don't worry if you have to walk at stages. Good luck and happy running.
  • Isotonic drink and enough money for a taxi !

    A route that allows short cuts back is pretty handy, I have done this when recovering from injury. But there is something about a "one way" run which brings great satisfaction as a) it looks further on the map than a loop, and b) there is not a lot of choice about doing the distance once you have started.

    Good trip !!
  • Start at a slower than usual pace and you'll be able to run further and make the most of your free morning!
    Enjoy yourself.

  • Have some ice ready in the freezer in case you pick up a few aches and pains!
  • Mercury

    Don't know what kind of distance you are thinking off and how fast you intend doing it BUT you are running the risk of injury if you jump up in distance too quickly.

    But having said that a friend of mine decided to run a marathon on very little training and maximum distance run before was about 7 miles.

    She did it in 5hrs20mins with no injury - but she was very, very, very sore for several days.

    If you do attempt a big distance make sure you rest enough after it - because if you don't injure yourself doing it, you run an even bigger risk of pulling something (with all the little muscle tears you will have) after it.

    take care
  • Get the wife to drop you off about 10 miles from home on her way out shopping, then run back.
  • Psychotherapy.
    Failing that, I agree with (a) KP about the risk of injury (listen to your body!) and (b) with Laura L about going slow. You'd be surprised how far you can go if you slow it right down. I try to do three-in three-out breathing on a long run.

    Oh, and put the emergency services on standby!
  • protection for your nipples (e.g. vasilene)! yes, that's a serious suggestion BTW.
  • Well thanks for all that advice !!
    In the end it was half road / half dirt track route that was 8.3 miles . Lots of luverly hills and puddles , in fact a lot more hills than anticipated , got my new trainers all muddy ( its okay I washed them in the bath , dont tell mrs mercury ) Not as sore as I expected but time will tell !
  • Hope you weren't in the bath too Mercury!

    Well done on your run, sounds like a nice route!
  • thnx Hilly , I took your advice and took it slow , only walked once when the mud was a bit too deep. Now feeling rather chuffed 'cos it was 8.5 miles on some rather rough going ( for me anyway )
  • Good stuff

    There is a curious pleasure to running through mud - bit like swimming in the sea, you never want to get into it but once in !!

    Cleaning trainers ?? Never tried that.
  • Ugh Hilly- that's a really gross thought!!!! :-)
  • Okay, Ill see how far i get tomorrow
  • I understand baby hippos like mud Benz !
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