National 10k - Cheltenham?

Can anybody confirm or deny whether the so called "National 10k" which is supposed to be happening in Cheltenham on 15th September is going ahead.
A friend told me that a Cheltenham local paper said that it had been cancelled or moved to Moreton in the Marsh because the local council got too many complaints from local residents.

If its true its a bit bloomin late to cancel what last year was a big field race!


  • Stinkytrainers,

    The race hasn't been cancelled but it has been moved. It's on Sun September 15 at the Fire Service College in Moreton in Marsh. It's a shame, as the Cheltenham venue was great.
  • I've entered this race - as a resident of Cheltenham I'm not impressed by the late venue switch. To add insult to injury, they have reduced the entry fee by £5, but if you have already entered you get £5 off the 2003 race - and who knows where that will be!! The organisers are trying to pin the blame on the local council, but in the 2nd year of this event they should have it all sorted BEFORE they accepted entry monies.
  • Any idea where I can find the results.

    The official website either doesn't load or only partly
  • I saw the results the other week. A friend of mine came 4th in the "FUN RUN"!!!

    Try the site again... It should work!
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