Training when work gets busy

I am going through a very busy stage at work right now and am not getting more than six hours sleep a night. This morning I feel somehwat lightheaded and dizzy.

Should I be adapting my training and if so how?


  • I am the worlds expert on running when work gets too hectic - I've been on that hampster wheel for the last 3-4 months.

    Firstly, don't beat yourself up if you can't run sometimes there are other priorities that need to be attended to.

    Secondly, make sure your weekend runs count (if you're not working weekends!) by doing one long run and one hard session.

    Third, never assume that you won't be able to run. Always have running kit close by - you never know when you'll be able to slip a qick one in (oooh, suits you sir!)

    Four, 20 minutes of running (with 10-15 at a hard pace after warm up) is better than none at all.

    Five, try running in the morning to get it out of the way before the day starts.

    Six, buy a treadmill or ask you boss to buy a treadmill for work that way you won't mind training at unsociable hours.

  • I gave up running first thing in the morning because motivation often fails me, especially if you're still tired and its pissing it down outside.

    I've taken to going last thing at night before going to bed usually around 10pm. It's dark but then it is most of the time at this time of year. You get the occaisional hassle from drunks but not many can run 7 minute miles for more than a few yards especially uphill. When I get back in I rehydrate with a pint of beer, have a shower and go to bed - I sleep like a log.
  • Thanks!

    Found out during the course of today that the dizziness is from a virus that has crept up on me, but for future reference:

    MartinH - I like the idea of always having kit in the car.

    Tom - I do enjoy running late in the day, athough sometimes it wakes me up. Maybe I should try your particular hyrdation method :-). I have never tried morning running.
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