Running in stoke on trent?

Not long moved here, well about 12 month, but just got real seatelled and looking for some good places to run. and if there are any good running/triathlon clubs in the area. looking for somthing that have a few groups as i am not that fast :-)
I live close to the Britania stadium.

any help would be great



  • Connor, have you looked at Trentham? They meet at Trentham Rugby Club, check out their website at

    You might also look at the North Staffs Road Running Association at

    they have links to other clubs.

    Good luck.
  • dav
    thanks, someone has just mentioned trentham today at work, and thats great as i live just 5 min from the club. thanks

  • There's also running based at Northwood Stadium I think. That's where city athletics stuff is based. You could also check out Bourne Sports which is in stoke as they've got posters etc up for clubs etc.

    As you will no doubt have found, Stoke area is basically bl**dy hilly! Trentham lakes and country park are good for off road, Westport lake is flat with a fig of 8 round both lakes being approx 2miles, Knypersley Reservoir is a lovely trail to run and is approx 2 miles if you go right around the main paths for all the bits of the reservoir. All of these have parking at/ nearby but not v good for lone females!
    I've also found the towpaths along the canals are good, but again are a bit secluded.
    I think as well that Total Fitness gym at Trent Vale (London Rd out of Newcastle) has a running club as well as v good pool etc if you're feeling rich!
    Dimensions council leisure centre in Burslem has circuit training on Tuesday evenings for some extra training too.
    Hope this helps.
    I came here 9 years ago, and somehow ended up staying: you know you've really settled when you start turning plates over to check they're local!

  • Helen T

    Not lived there for 24 years, but still do the plate turning over thing.

  • Helen, I am also a plate turner!
  • You've made me go all nostalgic. I was born in Stoke, lived near Longton (neck-end). Now live in Cheshire so am a total outcast, still look under cups and plates though !
  • Cheshire eh, you have done well.
  • My god my G/f turns plates lol , and dose it mean i have gone down in the world as i moved from cheshire???
  • Connor66

    Guess it depends which bit, but generally yes!

    I used to live in Biddulph, which I now understand is pits - no pun intended - in Stoke terms. It was fun at the time though.

  • SP, lets not start on Biddulph! Very strange indeed, and as for the Moorlands....

    Connor66, I realised last night was talking twaddle (nowt new there then) : both pools at Westport is in fact 1 mile, and I used to go round twice until a strange man jumped out of the bushes and spoilt that run. You also stand a high chance of being pecked in the ass by a ruddy great goose!
    You may have come down in the world, but at least you don't have to share a county with the beckhams any more. Also potters are vv friendly even if bits of the city have a weird time-stood-still factor to them! Now your girl turns plates you'll probably never ever leave: just rejoice in the house prices!

    Ermintrude- did you need a passport to venture north of Kidsgrove or have you just crept over the border into Alsager???
  • If you're interested, the newly formed Keele Runner's AC can help. We run from the Campus Leisure Centre Monday 6pm; Wednesday 3pm; Friday 3.30-4pm; Sunday 10am. All times of training subject to change: especially after nights out! If you are interested, please let me know.

    Ricky Burn
  • Passport needed even to go from Longton to Hanley when I lived there. Even worse though I now live in Wilmslow (snob end).
    Connor66 - hope you have become a true potter (ie Chrismas decs up after bonfire night and down in March).
    Might venture a few miles south and do the Alsager 5 Helen.
  • See you there Ermintrude, though being a posh nob from Wilmslow you probably won't speak to the hoi polloi from Stoke these days. You are now out of touch with Potter seasonal habits: these have now adjusted so that I saw 1st 'penny for the guy' child on 25th Seot and some Christmas lights were up on 1st november this year! Am expecting to see the easter bunny before the new year!
  • Helen T

    Please start on Biddulph. Not lived there for 24 years - seem to have hankering to go back and re-visit. Should I avoid it at all costs?

  • Does anybody know where there's any running clubs in Chell Heath?
  • nearest one I think is Northwood stadium
  • There is a free website called If you sign up (for free) there are many routes in the Stoke-on-Trent area. I have put up a few myself.

    For any more running tips and advice take a look at my twiiter page...
  • thanks for telling me some websites mattimage


  • connor,

    iv live 5 min away from trentham too i run different routes about 3 times a week will be more when the weather picks up,

    your more than welcome to join me


  • Hanley parkrun

    You can't go too far wrong with a parkrun or there's;

    Bourne Sports Saturday Breakfast Run



  • thanks marshallini

    ill be attending the breakfast run on saturday


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