different starts



  • I'd give them a bell
  • Having run at all 3 starts, I can confirm that Blue (not Red) is for the elite and championship entries followed by the ballot entries in finish time order. The Green (GFA) start has the least numbers. At the front they put all race celebes (TV Chefs etc). At the front of the Red over the last couple of years have been the oversea's entrants. This can make for a slow start since they are not time graded.
  • Brian You mean that I will be at the front for the start? hurray
  • Hilly,
    I'm a bit of a obsessive paranoiac (a natural consequence of being a marathon runner no doubt), so like Llama Man, I'd give them a bell. I noticed that Drew + Achilles have also had their GFA runner numbers through as well so I don't think you'd be jumping the gun by giving them a call.

  • Thanks mm and Llama Man I'll try to ring them tomorrow. I hope they've not missed me out, they've taken my money!
  • My cheque was only cashed on the 11/11 as I left it until quite late to decide to run it again. So that could be why I've not heard anything, but I'll still ring them.
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