Pearls of wisdom

Reading your 'Pearls of wisdom' article was very interesting and inspiring.
I've been running for 16 years and i think the biggest thing I've learned is "Take something positive from every run, be it a race or a training session". Not every race or training session goes well, that's life. But there's always something you can learn, always something positive to say, even if's just "I suffered and got through it!"
Running's hard so don't make it tougher by always focusing on negative parts of a run. Taking away a positive lesson will make you metally stronger.


  • words of wisdom:

    never eat yellow snow!
  • I'm doing the snowdon marathon, it may be the only option I have after 4 hours in Llanberis!
  • if its a matter of survival then fair enough, but you have been warned!
  • Ihave just read Pearls of Wisdom and was able to take a little from each. I have just run my first 10K and found it really hard. I have run 4 half marathons so thought the 10K would be a doddle. What really made it hard was the multi-terrain and as a result I did not beat my PB, nevertheless I decided to look at it positively and feel much better about the race.
  • Linda, I'm confoooosed.

    If it was your first 10k, how come you had a pb?
  • Maybe she made a note of her time at the 10K marker during one of the Half Marathons?
  • Hmm. Most half marathons have mile markers though.
  • Maybe it was the Sandal Castle 10k, which is long?
  • How long is it, Barnsleyrunner????
  • Think he was asking, LL (nb the question mark)
  • So, does anyone know?
  • Well mine's a foot but I dont generally use it as a rule.

    (coat, door)
  • Hmmmmmmm well you never know when it might........

    never mind.

  • Come in handy?
  • I ran the Sandal Castle 10k a few years back and the last mile took more than a minute than any of the other miles. Apparently as it is not a road race it does not need to be accurately measured to get a permit, so it is `about 10k'.

    So if someone is beating themselves up over a time run on a long course, I wouldn't bother. I have studied the times from this year's race and noted that the runners of a similar standard to me all ran at least a minute slower than I would expect them so on an average road 10k.
  • Perhaps best to enter something else, barnsleyrunner:-)
  • Oh I see, it's innuendo time!

    There am I, putting my usual comforting forum arm around a fellow runner with a disappointing time and along come the jokers to take the mickey!

    Apparently they had over 300 entries on the day - ouch:-)!
  • Innuendo? Me?

    How you slander my good name!
  • It's libel when it's written down. Slander is verbal:-)

    If you look over on the events thread, they had some problems up the funnels at the end:-)
  • How you wrong me, anyway ;-)

    Stuck in a funnel? Which event was that barnsleyrunner??
  • The Sandal Castle 10k.
  • People ducking into adjacent funnels. LOL! It could only be Wakefield.
  • Funnel ducking - could be a new sport.
  • It sounds like it ought to be a Spoonerism.

    But it isn't.
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