Friday session 6/12/02

Me first - at 0900??

what: key session (gulp) - attempt at 9 miles at 6:30 pace
why: next step up from 8 miles in 52 mins

last hard day: Tue
last rest day: Thu
last long day: Sun

question - can I get away with using the new Saucony Trigons (5 miles run in them so far - only - but I'm sure they're faster than my old ones)????


  • Hope I'm not offending Parky by putting this on this thread!

    This week has been an utter, utter, utter nightmare hence my absence from the training thread for the last few days. Over the weekend the pain in my knee became considerably worse such that when I tried a run again on Tuesday the agony was too much so have decided to take a complete break from running - initially I plan two weeks but I suspect it may take longer.

    To cap that I developed a severe cold (which did at least means the pain of not running was softened!) but as I've been extremely busy at work there was no opportunity to take time off. At the same time I've been working just south of Stuttgart so with two trips this week I've driven about 1500 km - nice.

    I'm going to try switching to cycling for the time being to try and maintain fitness - but I'm definitely going to miss my running. Sob! Sob!


    What: Gym, cycling and rower
    Why: Day 3 of injury enforced lay off.

    Good luck to all this weekends racers and good luck to MikeS on what sounds like a very painful session - you know it makes sense
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Good luck Martin, sorry to hear the war wound is still troubling you.

    Mike - Go with the new Trigons, then if you have a lousy run you can blame the 'new' shoes ! (Do I sound like I've used that one before ?!!)

    Parky - It looks like this is todays thread,where's PSI ?

    As for me, well didn't get (a) decorating done or (b) hour on the bike done yesterday, so I had a rest day instead.

    5 mile tempo run on road - around 7min/miling
    Why : X-c on Sunday , want to get a speedy run in beforehand
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Tuesday/Wednesday , both short,fast runs.

    Good luck if you're racing this weekend...
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi all, sorry to hear about knee problems Martin.
    Think there's some sort of lurgy sweeping Europe at the moment. This thread yesterday was like a meeting in a doctor's surgery. so...
    What: Nothing
    Why: Ill + being sensible (makes a change)
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Monday
  • Morning all.
    I'm posting what I intend to do today now, so that I will have to do what I said I was going to.
    Sorry to hear your knee is troubling you Martin, nothing more frustrating for a runner than not being able to run.
    Copy Dustin: 5 mile tempo run on road, but at my 10K pace, approx 8 min/miling.
    Why: Trying to get some speed together for 10K on 22nd Dec.
    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Last Hard: Wednesday track.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Bad news Martin. Keep up the cross training.

    Been dead busy this week so haven't had much time to post or train.

    Did MM's Frank Horwill session last night on the treadmill - 10k with alternating 5k & marathon pace. Started off a bit too fast and had to stop after 10 minutes for a 3 minute break! Still managed to do the 10k in under 38 minutes. Now that is a bloody hard session with my HR approaching its max towards the end.

    Today: 40 min turbo session am, 6 mile recovery pm
    why: easy day
    Last hard day: yesterday
    last rest day: Wednesday, enforced due to work commitments.

    A belated happy birthday to Snicks!!
  • Martin - the only cheerful note I can sound for you is that if you're going to be injured, you might as well be ill at the same time!
    Are you going to get a professional opinion on your knee?
  • morning all

    oodles of empathy MartinH wrt to Knee problems, I have my own and its soooo frustrating. I ingnored my own intentions yesterday and went to gym for indoor CV session. Was able to cycle and use elliptical machine without pain during or after, abandoned rower though ater 5 mins due to trepidation. so

    what: repeat gym session
    why: Care'n'maintenance until I feel I can risk a training run again
    last hard: sun
    last rest: tues

    dilemma: if knee holds up OK Fri/sat on indoor equipment would it be wise or foolish to tackle C/C on sun?

    LizzyB: soory to hear that UK lurgy has spread to Iceland, at leats you won't need those shoes and you can plan all that shopping in th UK
  • Morning all - Ah! friday at last!

    What: lower body workout in gym @ lunchtime and easyisg 5 miler tonight

    Why: recovery from yesterdays hard session

    Last hard:yesterday
    Last rest:wednesday
  • Drat, drat and double drat. I thought I'd got in here first...never mind back to the drawing board!

    Sorry to hear about the knee Martin (and no not offended by any means), and as Drew says keep up the cross training.

    See you all next week
  • Greetings and a happy Friday morning to one and all.

    Mike S,
    best of luck on your 1/2M pace workout. No doubt these sessions are seriously tough.

    Martin H,
    really sorry to hear about your injury, it is a nightmare being injured. Hang in there, it will all come good again. I think cycling is an excellent alternative in the interim.

    the Horwill alternating pace 10K is an absolute killer, but feels like one of the best workouts that can be done in that time. I had to take a 5 minute part way through this one last week!

    What: nowt
    Why: always take Friday off and tapering for Sunday
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Today

    Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck to all racing ;-)
  • of course that should have read "I had to take a 5 minute break part.....", PLEASE BRING BACK THE EDIT FUNCTION
  • MikeS - Had a professional opinion last July which basically pointed to some muscle imbalance and tight hamstrings. I suspect the cause is rooted in hill running (I have very little option other than to run hills). So I will wait until the immediate pain goes and then try running exclusively on the flat for a couple of weeks and see if it comes back.

    Still looking on the positive side this could be the ideal springboard I need to switch to cycle training.
  • Morning!

    What: Rest
    Why: 10K race on Sunday. Popped into my local running shop to get some warmer gear -scared by the Sunday forecast - "bitterly cold easterly winds". Eek!
    Who: Me.
    When: Today.
    Hard: Tuesday 10 mile.
    Rest: Wednesday.

    Courage, mes braves!
  • Martin - sorry to hear about the ongoing knee problem, it sounds like a real bind. are you doing any strength training for the muscle imbalance? I found that working on the quads especially made a big difference to my recovery from a dodgy knee earlier this year.

    what: 8x800m @ 5:30m/m pace off 45 sec. recoveries, with 2M warmup/1M warmdown.
    why: schedule said so.
    last rest: Sunday
    last hard day: Wednesday

    quite pleased to have managed this session today what with a lurgy waiting ominously in the wings and generally not feeling like wanting to run at all today let alone another speed session.

    best of luck MM and anyone else racing this w/e.
  • Morning (nearly afternoon)

    What: No running but much dancing and jigging about later
    Why: Ran last night and long run tomorrow and a night on the tiles becons
    Last hard run: Last night was short but very hilly
    Last easy run: Last night wasn't really that hard.

    Decorating Shedule seems to be going to plan.

  • Good morning

    Good luck to all those also racing over the weekend and speedy recovery to the injured and ill, and a good weekend to everybody.

    What: rest
    why: XC race on Sunday, our club race.
    Last hard: Tuesday speed session.
    Last rest: Sunday.

  • What : Nothing
    Why : No motivation
  • ahhhh ww get your ass in gear...

    what: nothing
    why: alcoholic training

    and need new runners... shin splints stopping me at the mo
  • Godz - have the booze first, then the shins won't feel so bad.

    Good grief, am I supposed to do _all_ the thinking round here? ;-)
  • Sorry to hear of your lingering injury Martin, hope you can get back to running soon!

    What: swim, if I can make it. I have a raging sore throat that I'm hoping will disappear as quickly as it came. Just hope I can race on Sunday. It's my last one of the year so really want to do it.
  • hello!

    What: (over next three days): Running, marching, jumping, eating only field rations, doing exhausting platoon attacks, partying til 4am in the mess, then getting up at 0630 for a run in the rain, doing more stuff, getting home, sleeping forever. :)
    why: training weekend, of course!

    Last hard: Definitely, later today!
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Evening all and thank god it's Friday!

    firstly, commiserations to Martin and sfh legs re knee problems, and Martin, maybe your work schedule has something to do with your cold too...Hope you both get good treatment, you both sound well motivated to keep going with the cross training.

    Wild Will, really wish you the best, take a day at a time.

    Drew et al, I actually looked up the Horvill variable pace sess on the internet last night, can't believe you did this in 38 mins!

    Good luck all racers, Hilly all the best with the throat and MM, perhaps the trot will be more of a canter at 1.22 or thereabouts??

    What: 2 hrs LSD. With the emphasis on slow.
    Why: Got to keep up with Fat face at Helsby! And it's about time I started doing some longer road runs again.
    Had vaguely toyed with the idea of doing second half @ marathon pace, what a joke, felt completely out of leg fuel by the time I got back, are these really the same legs that did 7 something miling last Sunday?? Haven't depressed myself by measuring the distance yet.

    Happy weekend to all and wrap up warm Sunday...
  • Evening to all!

    Feeling very tired today (nightshift can be hell on your training sessions)

    What: Nothing
    Why: Feeling very tired and im covering about 21 miles the next 2 days, thought id best rest for today.
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: today

    Have a great weekend people

  • Took a chance & went out in the Trigons. Calves a bit sore now.

    9 miles in 58:28 (i.e. just inside 6:30 schedule) - success!!
    mile splits:
    6:30 - 6:34 - 6:33 - 6:19 - 6:28 - 6:26 - 6:21 - 6:34 - 6:43

    felt the wheels beginning to come off towards the end of the 7th mile, but unlike previous weeks, total disintegration did not ensue; held it together q well.

    Couple of downsides -
    1) an effort of that length in chilly air really gunged up my airways. Didn't affect me while I was running - but as soon as I'd finished, I was gagging on accumulated gunge - nearly threw up.
    2) I have real difficulty keeping my HR down on these sessions. Almost certainly due to state of mind (knowing I'm going to need full commitment) - but as a result I'm into the 160s v quickly (as if I'm running a race). Average HR tonight was 168.
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