Any Children with Leukaemia runners?

Come out come out wherever you are!


  • Hi jenny yes i am running for CWL for the third year running.
    hows your training going?
  • Hi Jenny! I'm running for CWL too. First time, also first London mar. 'Ran' Belfast last yr. Got my CWL top in the post the other day, and felt sick!!!!!!!!!!! All getting too real. Going out on our second 13 miler today. It's snowing and blowing a gale though!! How's your training going both of you? Am following last yr's marathon schedule from RW. What about you?
  • IM following the get you round schedule in RW ( run /walk) although I am capable of more than its asking Im very slow so I thought I;d lower my sights from the higher schedules.
    I got my top the other day too. Theres nowhere big enough to put your name on the front! :-(

    Are you going to the training day?
  • Hi jenny i am going to training day.I have run for cwl for 2 years and not been to it so looking forward to it.
    Regards training i dont follow any schedule any more i just run at a club twice a week and in between run 6 mile runs and a long run at weekends.
    My aim this year is to finish in less than 4 hours.
    Last year 4-13
  • Ill be at the training day too I hope. Im a little concerned that they say they are taking us on a 15 miler before lunch and are starting at 11!
    I wont be back before lunch at that rate, Im a slowcoach. If they say the run isnt suitable for slow runners I wont go, I called last week but didnt get a returned call. Will ring again tomorrow
  • Jenny you will be ok it will be split into pace groups and will be a good long run training session.
    There will be plenty of runners at all pacers
    look forward to meeting you there
  • Cool Ill see you there then :-). I entered my time in the RW pace calculator from my 10k yesteday and got an estimate of under 6 hours! Thats made me feel a whole lot more positive
  • well done jenny,just remember 99.9%of the population will never attempt 26 miles so no matter what your time it is better than theirs.
  • Thats what I thought when I heard a pedestrian on my 10k route saying something about slowcoaches approaching. He was overweight and carrying his wifes shoppig. Probably all the exercise he'll do all week so Bleep to him and what he thinks. I felt even better then! LOL
  • Hi everyone,

    I am also running for CWL never run before never mind doing a marathon. Started training in Oct but torn a calf muscle in December. Physio has just given me the ok to start a walk / jog schedule. I was up to 10k before i got injured. Any tips on how i can train and be able to run the FLM in around 5hrs.
  • Hi I am running for CWL too for the second time. I am also slow thought trying to follow a 4.30 training schedule to allow me some breathing space. Hoping to complete in 5.30.
  • Hehe tag along with me sammy?
    Im following the Runners world walk/run get you round schedule.
    The plan is all done in times. Ive found that most of the short runs require an hour of your time 3 days a week so not too hard to fit in and that time/distance equates to about a 5-6 mile run for me.

    The long run is at the mo 2:40 but you run and walk each part which is great psychologically, especially if you are tired becuase there is no shame in walking bits, you are supposed to! If you need ti walk a little longer as you tire I guess you just do. I know thats what Im expecting on the day. If I need to take a couple of minutes to walk, eat some jelly beans and have a drink then I will!
    Might be worth you giving it a go?
  • Hi here,I'm running for CWL for the first time and my first marathon.I'm also trying to lose about 14kg before the big day,lost about 7 so far and trainings going to plan.Hope to do 4.30-5hrs.Looking forward to the training day.Happy running all.
  • Thanks Jenny,
    Went out for a 3 mile jog walk last night, took about 40min and today i feel ok. Giving it a break tonight but hope to do a 5 mile jog walk tomorrow. Fri back with the Physio so hopefully it should be ok to carry on as i have done this week. Dont know how far to run on my long run though.
  • SS Glad your calf seems to be improving. I would be guided by your physio and your body!
    I did 6 miles yesterday in 65 mins and got another 6 tonight 1 mile slow then 4 @ 10min mile then 1 slow.
    Hoping to do 15 or so on Sunday!
    Whats everyone else up to?
  • Morning all, I'm running for CWL for the first time. Unfortunately I can't make the training day as I've got a 20m race that weekend. I'm out at the weekend for 18m run. My training at the moment is:
    Mon - 3-4m
    Tues - Running club - interval/speed work
    Wed - 5-7m
    Thurs - Running club - tempo run 5-7m
    Fri - rest
    Sat - long run
    Sun - rest

    I'm trying to get in a long run every other weekend.
  • I did 4 miles last night
    will do 6 ish tomorrow I hope
    Then 2 hrs 40 mins on sunday which for me equates to roughly 15-16 miles on the route Ill be doing
  • Just got back from a nice steady 4 mile jog / walk did it in 50min, feeling fine at the moment. Dont want to push it to much too soon to be back to square 1.
    Hope the physio is as pleased as i am with my progress.

    How long do you think i should run on the long run. Not forgetting 8 mile was my futherest that i had done.

    I am not sure how much my calf can take but then again i dont want to do to little because the big day will then be a larger challenge if that makes any sense.

    Confused and frustrated.
  • I would try 6, see how you feel and see if you can do 8, especially if thats the furthest youve been yet
  • Thanks, makes sense really. Got my head in a bucket at the moment. I just want to be there on the day and finish in a reasonable time.
  • SS Hope you are feeling better soon!
    You will finish whatever as long as you are careful now!
    I hurt my knee half way round last year and had to walk but made it!! The crowd are worth miles.
    Hope to do better this year.
    Had good run on treadmill last night 6 miles in under 60 mins. Beating my pb by 9 mins!!! I was floating home!!
  • Hello...I'm running my first marathon for CwL too... well, "running" might be an overstatement since i can't seem to go any faster than a 12minute mile. I started running last July and 2 weeks ago did my longest ever run - 16M in 3h 20. I do two sessions a week with a personal trainer which include running and speed work as well as boxing and weights, then do a midweek run and 2 at the weekend. I am hoping to get round in 5h30 but 26.2M seems an awfully long way..!

    Does this seem about ok??
  • Well thats my sort of speed too. 12 min miles is a good day!
  • Sounds like your trainings going well Alexandra I'm upto about 14 miles at about 12min miles hoping to do a longer run sunday if the snow stays away.
  • Well I am very reassured about my pace now!! I can't make the training day as I will be in Brussels at a conference - very frustrating as (a) I'm now off the booze (b) the whole of Brussels seems to be cobbles and (c) would have liked to have met up with everybody ...

    Had a terrible time in the cold and sleet...was supposed to do a 13 miler. So went out with the Matrix soundtracks on my iPod and somehow started running 10 minute miles for the first 9 miles, thinking "wow I must be Trinity!" and then blew up on a big hill in a nasty sleety blizzard at 10 miles. Just didn't have the spirit to carry on ...ended up staggering into the local gym (luckily at the top of said hill) to find my husband to take me home, freezing cold, a bit tearful...that's the LAST time I try to go fast!
  • AWWW poor you! Never mind, live and learn and dont blame yourself! It was a blizzard!

    I did 13 miles yesterday and really found it useful. I learned where I could (legally) hide for a pee off footpaths and also which shops were open further on to buy some lucozade so i dont have to carry so much to fuel up with!
    It hurt at the time and it was pretty slow going ( its all hills where I live) but I did it and Im still walking today!
  • attagirl!!! have a nice rest today - you have earned it! the hills are a blessing in disguise given that London is so flat. Where do you live?

    "Legal" offroad peeing?! how funny...I have just had my eyes opened to this whole peeing thing. Am appalled at the idea of going in my running tights on the day, regardless of whether that is what La Radcliffe does...

    on a similarly yucky theme, tried putting vaseline round where my sports bra was rubbing me yesterday and it does seem to work. so it wasn't as if yesterday was a total writeoff in terms of learning lessons for the big day.

    Lucozade is key though. I ordered in 2cases of the sports pouch stuff from the LSSA website (much cheaper than buying it from the supermarket!) , and a box of carbo gels. they do seem to work so am glad that the lucozade sports drink will be handed out on the day.
  • I used it last year for London and by the time I had finished I vowed never to take the stuff again. Was hard to swallow it by the finish although the energy it gave was welcome. I will be using High 5 gels with water this time and they dont weigh too much. I find they are the only ones that dont taste too disgusting
  • I'm still trying to work out how far apart to eat the blooming things on long runs.

    argh. too much to think about and already feel like i am running out of time to train. My rough plan for the long weekend runs is:

    27/2 15M
    5/3 18M
    13/3 half mara race
    20/3 16M race
    27/3 20M
    then tapering off, scoffing pasta etc for the 3 weeks before the big day. does that look about right...?
  • When I say legally... round here there are loads of fields.. however if you get round in one the farmer wont be happy unless its on a designated footpath so you arent allowed to just climb over a gate and relieve yourself! You'd be trespassing... and on a sunday morning there seem to also be masses of farmers out and about I doubt they want to see my bum!
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