Stair Run

I have just completed the stair run in a new PB of 1.2 seconds.

Heard a loud PLOP on the mat down stairs
sprinted from the PC out the bedroom. Down the long and difficult stairs, with loose carpet, giving a final kick in the hallway.

To my disbilief it was the local newspaper.

Somebody help me!!!!!!!!!


  • Commendable Mr Silly.

    I once did a PB on the stairs run and ploughed through the finish line (read the glass front door) in record time. This was followed by repeat laps of the casualty department and a particularly amusing endurance trolley dash.
    So take heed. Nobody can train for the marathon in a surgical body stocking!!!

  • The postman going to need a surgeon to remove my running shoe from his backside if he doesn,t bring me the acceptance reply tomorrow.
  • Should I make you feel bad...I got mine early last week!
  • Best of luck to you.
    I live in hope.
    If it doesn't work out this year there are others to do. I quite fancy Paris. I have never seen the Eiffel tower.
  • Mr Silly

    Go to

    It will save you the bus fare
  • Just be careful of the stairs!
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