NT Snowdonia Marathon 2005

This marathon is very popular (800 finishers last year) and enormously scenic.

Go on, admit it, you REALLY want to do it!


  • Is that a picture of you before or after the race?

    Isn't this the hardest road marathon in the UK?
  • Its hard but not that hard-don't be put off, its very doable and very enjoyable. I've done it 7 times so far.
  • The best road race I have done! loved it!
  • Thanks all!! I'm not put off.
    How soon do the entries fill up?
  • I think they have a cut off date, and a max capacity of 1500. The forms are downloadable now!
  • Would be surprised if it filled up. I think last year they took entries on the day - definitely the day before.

    Might return this year - am also considering Dublin though.
  • Isn't this the hilliest marathon in the UK? Would love to do it, but think I need to get some more marathon experience under my belt, not doing my first one til Lochaber in April.
  • I think its been relegated by 'The Picnic' Leighton! Plus Beachy Head is a bit hillier & its neck and neck with Great Langdale.
  • Your chance to run past another Cenotaph. That is the famous rock climb Cenotaph Corner up Llanberis Pass. It's a right of passage for all extreme climbers.


    I haven't

    It's too darned hard

    And scary

    And there's no hiding place.

    You'll not miss it, it's like the fold line in a book. One crack. Vertical. Obvious. THE line. Up. Not for boys. Or goats.

    I think I'd rather run past it and offer homage.
  • The Picnic [if it is the Dr Robert 2 times Munro] will be murder.
    Beachy Head, or Seven Sisters as it used to be called is supposedly the hardest off road half!

    I have done the Munro and Seven Sisters!

    So how does this compare?
  • I found it easier (but slower) than most flat road marathons. I am used to running off road so I liked the changes in pace the hills give you. It is a lot easier than most off road events i have done

    They reckon about 20 minutes on your road time and that was about right for me
  • Too late!!!
    I have just entered!
    I'll catch up with everyone later.
    See you all, 'happy runnings!'
  • Think i'll leave this one for a few years. It is a seriously tough event. Makes London look like a stroll in the park.
  • Did the Vyrnwy marathon last June - very flat in comparison! But it was my first. decided I needed a challenge this year so have entered Snowdon. What will be the worst/best bit?
  • I think the best bit is the final run down into the town. if you are able to do it you will feel like you are flying. i love donwhills though. Most peole find the undulations at about 15 miles the hardest as you are more geared up for the two steep climbs at the start and 21 miles -this can take you by surprise

    The views are stunning thoough and on a good day you could not ask to run in a better place. You just feel so lucky to be alive and fit enough to run it.

    Do it it is a lovely race very friendly and time really does not matter which means you can just enjoy running
  • snowdon's a great run - my first marathon and loved almost every minute of it, except for the last downhill bit where i almost cried.

    As for 'hardest in the uk' and all that stuff - it has to depend on the individual and the day. London in the hail, wind and snow would be harder than snowdon when the sunshines I'm sure

    This Picnic run should be grand too - I came up with the name so I feel something of an affinity for it, though can't run as I have IM austria the next day....

    They guy offered me a free place tho which I've not had takers for - if anyone wants it, let me know.

  • It's a possibliltiy I might opt for this one. I like the idea of doing a marathon where time isn't so important. Although at the moment I can't think past doing FLM:o)
  • I am thinking about this one too. I had decided to do it this year, but am now toying with the idea of an off-road marathon instead - possibly Clarendon Way - and saving Snowdonia for next year. Decisions, decisions...
  • thanks for the replies. I am looking forward to Snowdon and just hope that the weather will be good as I agree with My Left knee - it is the weather that can be a deciding factor in how tough a marathon will be. I must admit that in the Snowdon the bit that I am least looking forward to is the hill at 21 miles as it was at that stage that I felt awful in my first marathon - still i came through that. I'm sure that I will get through the snowdon - and enjoy it. i only remember the good things about my only other marathon now!
  • Actually the hill was fine every one walks it -at my sort of speed anyway so I felt better than i usually do at 21 miles in a marathon
  • Thanks Rosa's Mum. That's reassuring. I'll probably be one of the one's walking it on the day. My first marathon was a time of 4.30 people reckon on a additional 20 -30 minutes for the Snowdon. Is that your experience? I'll be aiming for about 4.30 to 4.45 for this as hopefully I will have completed a little more training for Snowdon than I did for my last one.
  • Check out last year's results for a handful of people around your expected time, then check the FLM website to see if they did that as well.

    I don't think that you can do anything other than to run it as you feel on the day.
  • I did it in 4.08 and my marathon pb at the time was 3.52 (have run 3.48 since though)

    friends I was with did similar except for one friend who manged 3.35 only 2 minutes off his marathon pb but that was cos he had underperformed in FLM
  • I ran this as my first full marathon after 20 odd years of chickening out on the full 26.2miles I very much enjoyed the race and the weekend (we stayed the night before and after) but the hill at 21miles beat me and quite a few others - even when I got to the top my legs were so solid I couldnt run down the other side! Anyway not being one to be beaten I am running the Paris on April the 10 (cheaper to get there than London from Warrington!) before having another go this year. Ran GNW 1/2 yesterday and got down to the 1:42 - I last ran that pace when I was 30, ten years ago so hopefully better prepared this year.
  • Evening all.

    Probably far too early, but is there any particular b&b or guesthouse anyone could recommend? Seems ideal to make a long weekend of it.
    I enjoy camping, but not really in October!
  • Loads of B&B's etc in Llanberis - we stayed at the Plas Coch Guest House (www.plas-coch.co.uk). Very friendly. Booked there this year to though as we are with our terrible two that might be a minus I suppose!
  • Hi all, SuperGirl here, new to forum.

    I ran it a few years ago and just broke 5 hours. Yes it was hard, especially the steep section coming down from the quarry as it had rained all of the previous day and it was very slippery. However I would say, if you run Marathons regularly it is a 'must do' event.

    Gil, my Partner ran it last year for the first time and said it wasn't as hard as he expected. But then he is a 'little hairy Welsh mountain goat'!
  • I stayed at the youth hostel which was great. Full of runners with lots of tales to tell. It felt like a party all weekend. About 4 of them had run every year -one even ran the year it was canceled due to gales

    Cheap and cheerful and you can cook your own breakfast in the morning
  • Some of the 100 Marathon Club runners will tackle anything. Of course, most years they would have run Beachy Head off road Marathon the day before, then Run Snowdonia then off to Dublin for the Marathon on the Monday. (Not me though!)
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