Injury Query

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice...
I am new to running long distances and have a place in the 2003 marathon. I have been gradually increasing my training and long runs (up to 4/5 times a week with a long run between 90-120 mins). It has been going well and I have felt fine. However, whilst running two days ago, I seemed to 'tug' my Achilles - it doesn't hurt when I walk, unless I am going downstairs - but I am not able to run on it. Can anyone offer me advice on how long to rest for? - I am getting a bit stressed about not being able to run - but obviously don't want to make the injury worse. So far I have cancelled my Thursday and Friday run - I have iced it, and then applied a warm pack (after the first 24 hours). I have been cycling and doing weights as normal - basically everything but the run. I really want to be able to do my long run on sunday.
I would really appreciate advice on whether this is something that I can 'run through' or whether it needs total rest. It is not massively painful, but it 'tugs' and doesn't feel right.
Any ideas?


  • I'd suggest that you've got plenty of time to make up for a couple of slack weeks at this point - much more sensible than doing some serious damage that means you can't train for a couple of months!
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