MRI Scan

I had an MRI scan last week which showed nothing serious - however I now need to go back for another scan as I think I injured myself falling off the chair when I saw the bill..........€700!



  • You got a bargain, Martin!
  • sounds like a good price

    did you not check before you went how much it was going to cost??? as you have now foud MRI scans are not cheap.......
  • which part of the body was it? Prices vary depending on what's done
  • cougie - guffaw, guffaw

    FBF - I don't have to pay because I've got private medical insurance......but still!

    Toria - It was my right knee
  • MH - glad you were covered!

    problem with MRI is that they are extremely expensive to buy, install and run with typical installation costs (building work included) way over £500K - often close to a £1M. then you have staffing costs - need specially trained radiographers and radiologists. plus general running costs - these things gobble a goodly proportion of the national grid for the magnet. and because each scan takes some time, you can only process a limited number of patients.

    that's why you were charged €700
  • Last MRI I had was over £700.
  • pretty sure theres also a nice profit involved
  • I think you should have to pay for such luxury, my daughter needed one when she was a baby for something really serious (not saying that your issue is not or anything) but I would have paid anything for the peace of mind it gave me. It was worth billions to me and my families quality of life. Think yourself lucky £700.00 is nothing.
  • Liverpool does MRIs of the knee for £160 +£60 if enhancement is needed. It depends heavily on where you go it is closer to what you paid locally.
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