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Piccadilly Marathon 1983

Hi Anyone,

Can you help? I'm trying to confirm the time I did The Piccadilly Marathon in Manchester UK 1983 - Does anyone have a copy of the results?, I think I did around 03:10:00 - twenty two years on I'm doing this year London and would like to beat my time. John Halliwell


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    Hi, I’m looking to trace my dad’s time. I have a photo of him with his bib number 4167. His name was Michael Pilling. Sadly he passed away suddenly the same year.  Many thanks for your help. 
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    Hi, I know this has been asked before but does anyone have the results for the 1983 Piccadilly radio marathon (Manchester) just found my medal and as a recent returnee to the wonderful world of marathon running would be interested to know my time. Think it was in the 4:15 area. Youth... sigh its 3:20 now ive started taking running seriously
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    Also would like to have a crack at the 100 marathon club and this one could be added I don't suppose the armys Minden Marathon in 84 or the Starlight marathon An ultra i think in 83 would be found anywhere now
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    all i can remember about the starlight was that it was a 3 mile loop in kent and i managed 54 miles
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    Hi there ! If anyone is still interested in this thread and can supply with an E-mail address through a private message, I would be more than happy to look for their results. I have a copy of the 1983 results here at home, and although I need a magnifying glass to read them nowadays as the print is so small, I can usually do this successfully. Cheers Graham Stirling
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    I ran the Piccadilly Marathon in either 1983 or 1984. I would be so grateful if you had the results and could conform my time. Richard Walters. It was about 3 hours 15 minutes. Many thanks. 
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    Hi, not sure if this thread is still running but i'm trying to find my Dad's finish time from the 1983 Piccadilly Marathon. Sadly, Dad has Alzheimer's but i remember watching him run along the East Lancs road as part of the route and his medal is still in our possession. Graham, you seem to have done a (i hesitate here)great job for many others. Are you able to assist? His name is Norman Jones and i think he completed in 3 to 4 hours. Kind regards Mike Jones
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    There's a facebook group called "Old Running Results and Pictures" you could try
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