Should I be weight-training too?

I've got my place for the FLM and although I regularly go to the gym I haven't got much experience of running outside yet. I currently do some of weight-training and I've heard various opinions as to whether I should continue to do weights while training for the FLM, or if I should stop. Any ideas?


  • I hope your gym has instructors who will make you a tailor made programme. If they do take your running programme with you and explain what you are training for. They should beable to make up a programme that compliments your running.

    I go two evenings a week, one of these days is my cross training day and the other I do a short run on the treadmill.

    The weights proprammes concentrate on legs and abs but a little bit of upper body too so the arms will be able to take the strain for being swung back and forwards for about 3:15:00 I hope.

    hope this helps

  • I don't know the answer, but from my own experience, I ran the FLM last year, and have been lucky enough to get a place again next year. I've run for years, and started doing free weights on my upper body twice a week to compliment my running. I now find that I have more strength and drive when I run, and I believe the weights really have made the difference. Running is still my number one sport, but the weights simply seem to improve what I fitness I already have. Also, I certainly look more balanced, previously my legs looked perhaps more muscular than my upper body. Of course it's a fine line between extra strength and being toned, but I certainly don't look like Arnie....
  • A bit of weight training is a good idea. But avoid very heavy weights, which might cause your muscles to bulk up too much, which isn't helpful for running.
  • No.....If you need convincing just look how slow Frank Burno runs. He is a very fit man, but carries a lot of muscle bulk which slows you down...
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